5 Ways to Protect Your Car

Dangling car keys

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Owning a car is a great convenience, but knowing how to protect your car can also be stressful. The risk of dealing with maintenance and the costs associated with damage from shopping cart dings and keeping it clean is one thing, but what if someone looks to make your mode of transportation their own?

Car theft is a real problem, and as you may know, some models are more attractive to thieves than others. Regardless of what type of car you own, there are things you can do to ensure your car remains in your care. Here’s our advice.

Have an Anti-Theft Device

The market for car protection devices ranges from high-tech aftermarket tracking devices to simple, physical deterrents like The Club or a brake block. What you choose might depend on your budget, and many newer cars come with anti-theft, but you should have something. Even if it’s a sticker or an arbitrary flashing light made to look like an alarm, the idea that the car’s protected deters would-be thieves.

Keep it Stored in Your Garage

Remember the old saying, “Location, location, location.” When it comes to protecting your car, the best location is at your home, safely behind a garage door. You might think it’s common sense to do this, but people frequently leave their garage open, which effectively eliminates the safety advantages of having the car stored there. Of course, if you must park on the street, choose a safe neighborhood.

Don’t Lose Your Keys

It’s no joke. People often report their car stolen shortly after realizing they misplaced their car keys. How do you think the thief got in? Use a tracking device like a Tile to make it easy to locate your keys if you frequently misplace them.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car

Break-ins often occur when crooks notice a shiny new cell phone or a thick leather wallet sitting on the center console. If you make the mistake of leaving valuables in your car, you increase the risk that someone will hijack it. After all, someone who’s already committed to breaking in probably isn’t frightened by the prospect of getting caught. Your car’s interior should be spic and span when you’re away.

Drive a Manual

Sadly, the lack of knowledge about how these arcane transmissions function has turned them into pre-installed anti-theft devices. The statistics prove it, manual-transmission cars are lifted at a significantly lower rate than their automatic-wielding cousins. If you haven’t learned how to drive a stick shift until now, maybe the prospect of holding on to your car a little longer will inspire you. Or maybe you’re just a gearhead who gets the benefit pro bono.

Protect Your Car With These Tips

Having your car stolen is absolutely no fun, of that we’re sure. But if you’ve made it this far, you can probably agree that most of these things are simple to do. It might mean cleaning your garage out or spending a few dollars on a “protected by Eagle” security sticker and a blinking light. Isn’t that better than having to drop for a brand-new ride? We certainly think so.