A Day in the Life of a Motorcoach Driver

Motorcoach driving down the road

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Many people rely on buses for their commute and wouldn’t get to work on time without drivers. These unsung heroes keep local economies going with their hard work and dedication. What’s it like driving a motorcoach? Here’s what to expect about being a bus driver. 

Daily Life Driving a Motorcoach

Being a bus driver isn’t your typical 9-to-5 job. These professionals work around the clock to ensure you get from point A to point B safely. Here’s what you can expect in their daily life. 

1. Wake Up Early

Driving a motorcoach entails more than just navigating your routes. You may need to wake up before dawn for early departures because people count on you for their trips.

2. Get to the Bus Depot

Most motorcoach drivers store their buses in depots, creating a central hub for these large machines. Here, the drivers file reports, deposit cash and get their schedules. Your itinerary could take you anywhere, making each day a new adventure.

3. Inspect the Bus

The most important part of your day might be the pre-trip inspection. You must ensure the bus is in working order before picking up riders. These tasks may include cleaning the interior, checking for tire damage and testing the doors. 

4. Check Traffic

You also need to check for things that are outside your control. For instance, there could be a traffic jam or an accident clogging up roads. These incidents mean you should change your route and report delays to your passengers.

5. Hit the Road

If you’re a school bus driver, you work in the morning and afternoon with a long break in between. However, driving a motorcoach means you’ll be on the road most of the day. 

Drivers often pass the time with radio and conversation, but you won’t be on the road forever. Federal law limits drivers to 10 hours daily if they had eight hours of rest before.

6. End the Day

When your shift is done, you’ll return to the bus depot and drop off your motorcoach. Charter bus drivers may find a hotel to rest for the night before heading to their next destination. Regardless, you’ll need a post-trip inspection to ensure your bus is in tip-top shape. 

Motorcoach on the road.

Driving a Motorcoach as a Career

The job opportunities are steady as demand for transportation remains prominent. Driving a motorcoach can earn you over $20 per hour if you’re later in your career. You’ll typically make more money than school and city bus drivers. 

Your yearly pay could increase based on your location. Living in a large metro area like New York means you’ll earn a higher wage to accommodate the cost of living. Motorcoach drivers make about $27 per hour in The Big Apple. 

Making Memories on Motorcoaches

Driving is a significant part of a motorcoach operator’s day, but they also must be great with people. You’ll meet new faces every time you crank the engine, creating connections and seeing people from all walks of life.

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