7 Career Paths for People Who Like to Drive

Man behind wheel of a car.

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Millions of people share a love for automobiles and driving, but only a fraction of them make a career out of their favorite activity. However, many jobs enable you to make your hobby into a living. Here are seven fun career paths for people who like to drive.

1. Long-Distance Truck Driver

Many drivers are attracted to the activity because of the solitude and scenic views. You can get plenty of both by becoming a long-distance truck driver. There has never been a better time to join the trucking industry, as an estimated 1 million people are needed to fill the labor shortage and keep our supply chains moving.

The world is finally starting to give truckers their due credit as essential workers. They have to sacrifice a lot and spend long hours away from their families and homes, but the driving experience is unlike any other. For people who love to drive, becoming a long-distance truck driver could be the perfect career path.

2. Automotive Plant Worker

Automotive plants have numerous positions driving enthusiasts can enjoy, including engineer, programmer, technician, instructor and fleet driver. A local plant has a job for you, no matter your preference or experience level. They’re always looking for new employees and would love to have a passionate addition to their team.

Most auto plants currently have many open positions, so upward mobility is always available for hardworking, loyal employees. Even if you start small, you can advance to a better job in no time if you demonstrate your commitment to the company.

3. Mechanic

You can also choose to work on vehicles at a smaller-scale autobody shop. This position tests your knowledge and skills with new challenges every day and allows you to develop a specialty, if you desire. Some shops only work on motorcycles and specific cars, so if you have a passion for a particular brand or model, you can make that vehicle your career focus.

Mechanics usually have long hours and a demanding workload, so this job isn’t for the faint of heart. Make sure you have the mental and physical toughness before committing to a full-time position.

4. Tow Truck Driver

A tow truck driver position is a great career option if you want to drive heavy machinery and spend more time close to home. You can drive around town all day, help people move their cars out of precarious situations and get the satisfaction of towing illegally parked vehicles. 

Sometimes, you might run into a few wacky characters and make some enemies, but that’s what makes this job so exciting. You never know what each day will bring. You could advance to a higher position, such as a fleet manager or repossession agent, if you stay long enough.

5. Automotive Marketer

All the positions discussed so far are blue-collar jobs, but if you prefer something white-collar, an automotive marketer position is a good fit. You can work for auto manufacturers, dealerships, body shops or any vehicle-related business that needs digital marketing to promote its service.

Marketers use social media and design tools to create campaigns and help grow the companies they work for. It’s a fast-paced but fulfilling job that allows you to spread worthwhile messages and talk about vehicles in the process.

6. Driving Instructor

Do you have high driving standards and want to help other people develop their skills. If so, you would make a perfect driving instructor. More training is required to become a certified instructor than you might think, but the position only has room for the best. You must have a clean driving record and be over 21 years old to apply.

You can finally relieve the symptoms of backseat driver syndrome in an appropriate setting, but you still need to exercise patience. Not everyone has the same driving skills as you, and you need to be able to explain complex situations calmly.

7. Chauffeur

Few things are more satisfying than driving in style, and chauffeurs get to do it every day. If you choose this job, you’ll get behind the wheel of all kinds of luxury vehicles, including limousines, on special occasions. You might also meet celebrities and wealthy individuals, adding more excitement to your day.

However, being a chauffeur isn’t all fun and games. You need to be well-groomed, courteous and an expert driver under pressure. Driving your own luxury car can be daunting enough, but getting behind the wheel of a VIP’s sports car takes some significant fortitude.

Choose a Job You Love

You might have heard the old saying, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” If you enjoy driving, why not make it a career? These seven positions will give you a healthy challenge and enable you to exercise your passion for vehicles every day. Some have heavy workloads, but that won’t matter if you truly love to drive.

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