Are Walmart Tires Good? What to Know Before You Buy

Mar 22, 2024

A pile of Walmart tires

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It’s no secret that Walmart sells tires with a low price tag. Are Walmart tires good? Or are they more trouble than they’re worth?

Are Walmart Tires the Same as Dealership Tires?

Yes, Walmart tires are the same as dealership tires. Tire manufacturers don’t have different levels of quality depending on where they sell their inventory. Their reputation would be wrecked if they intentionally made a worse product — even for a discount retailer. 

Having said that, some name-brand tires you see at Walmart might be “lower” quality. Sometimes, manufacturers make discount models exclusively for Walmart. In other words, you might get a technically inferior product. 

How Much do Walmart Tires Cost?

You can get trailer, dirt bike and lawn mower tires for $5 to $25 at Walmart — which is why the price range goes down to zero. Walmart’s car tires cost anywhere from $35 to $400, depending on the brands and models it has in stock. However, you should expect to pay roughly $50 to $100 for standard options. 

Why are Walmart Tires so Cheap?

Walmart’s tires are surprisingly — almost worryingly — cheap. Even though it sells brands like Goodyear, Michelin and Continental, it keeps costs down. Does it sacrifice quality to lower prices? Or is there a more harmless explanation? 

There are a few reasons why Walmart has more affordable tires than dealerships or local mechanics. The first is that it sometimes sells discount models — the cheaper name-brand versions we mentioned earlier. 

Marketing is another reason. Walmart is a discount store, so there’s no way expensive, high-end tires would attract customers. Moreover, anyone interested in quality isn’t going to pick Walmart as a first choice. 

Are Walmart Tires Good Quality? 

Walmart tires are safe to drive on. Most have solid mileage warranties. There are plenty of brand name options to choose from. Are Walmart tires good? It seems like the answer is yes. As long as you drive a standard car and don’t expect the best quality, they’ll work just fine.

Different kinds of tires.

Check out what real customers say if you don’t want to take it from us. You’ll probably be able to find praise and complaints about the exact tire you want to buy. Almost every single tire Walmart sells has at least a handful of reviews. Surprisingly, most are positive. 

For example, the Solar 4XS + 225/65R17 102H tire has a 4.4 out of 5 rating despite being well under $100. Interestingly enough, the one-star reviews focus on bad customer service, unreasonably lengthy installations or unexpected order cancellations — not the tire’s quality. 

Are Off-Brand Tires any Good?

While brand-name tires are a safe bet, you’ll usually pay a lot more for them. Are generic Walmart tires good? Should you choose them over the label versions? While it’s ultimately your choice, opting for the brand name is generally the best approach. 

While off-brand tires won’t blow up on the highway and are safe to drive on, they might ride worse than more expensive versions. Also, there’s a chance they’ll perform poorly in slick conditions. Not cheaping out on tires is a good rule of thumb for any driver. 

Should You Buy Tires from Walmart?

It’s alright to feel hesitant. Even though Walmart tires are cheaper than brand-name ones, their lifetime value might be lower. Are they worth the money?  

  1. Your Car Is Nothing Special

You shouldn’t buy off-brand tires from Walmart if your car is exotic. At best, you’ll get a subpar product that impacts how it rides. At worst, the tires will fit poorly and cause damage. You should only go ahead with the purchase if the store has the size and tread pattern you need.

  1. Your Tread is Worn Thin

If your tire tread is shot, there’s no harm in buying tires from Walmart. If anything, you can keep them on temporarily until you get a better replacement. After all, driving on bald tires is dangerous — you could lose control of your car.

A tire's tread.
  1. Your Budget is Small

Walmart is the place to go if your budget is tight. According to Consumer Reports, its installation fees are the cheapest overall — it charges about half as much as dealerships. Considering you can get tires for as little as $35, you’ll save a lot of money. 

  1. Your Tire Has a Puncture 

Sad to say, punctures are common. In fact, drivers experience five flat tires within their lifetime. While you can drive on a flat for a while, it’ll mess up your car pretty quickly. Sometimes, it’s best to go with the cheap fix in the short term to prevent costly damage in the long term.  

  1. You Live Near a Walmart

Competent technicians can install new tires in the time it takes you to finish shopping for groceries. If you live near a Walmart with an auto center, the pure convenience of getting tires there might make it worth the money. 

Should You Just Buy the Cheapest Tires? 

While cheap tires are fine in a pinch — or if you’re on a low budget — you don’t want to stick with them for long. They can impact your ride and lower your gas mileage. In fact, up to 30% of your car’s fuel consumption is dependent on your tires. 

Are Walmart tires good, even if they’re super cheap? They’re safe to drive on, but are usually not worth the money. You’re better off spending a few dozen dollars extra to get something that will last longer and perform better. 

How to Get the Most Out of Walmart Tires

Here are some steps to get the most out of your money out of your Walmart tires. If you watch for signs of a poor installation, you can lengthen their lifespans. 

  1. Check Your Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure before driving out of the parking lot. Generally, you want a 30-32 PSI unless you have some kind of exotic model. If it’s overfilled, you’ll see accelerated center wear. Underfilled tires will cause faster shoulder wear. 

Multiple tires.
  1. Test Your Wheel Alignment  

Misalignment can cause uneven wear. If you let a severe case go on long enough, one side of your tire could end up practically bald while the other has near-perfect treads. In the meantime, you’ll experience drifting, swerving and vibration while driving. If you notice any of those signs, get your car checked out immediately. 

  1. Check Your Tire Balance

Unbalanced tires will get you an unusually poor fuel economy and can make steering difficult. If you notice you’re suddenly getting fewer miles per gallon or your steering wheel is fighting back, it’s time to take your car in.  

Choosing the Off-Brand Option is Okay

While the cheap and generic tires won’t perform as well as the name-brand ones, they’ll do the job in a pinch. While you’re technically better off with the more expensive options, you’re not risking your safety just by going for what’s affordable.

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