Bad Car Mods: 10 Examples of Poor Decision-Making

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Drivers have been modifying and customizing their vehicles for more than a century. From bass-bumping subwoofers to eye-catching grills, mods can elevate a car and make it something to admire.

Even so, not all car mods are good car mods. Some make you question whether the driver should be allowed on a public motorway. Below, you’ll find 10 examples of very poor decision-making – what not to do with your ride.

1. Cartoon Smart Car

Lightning McQueen? Is that you? This car looks so cartoonish you might think someone photoshopped it. Unfortunately, it’s 100% real. Apparently, there’s a new trend among Smart Car owners that involves turning their tiny little vehicle into a speed racer. Yet, no matter how many mods one adds, the minicar is only going to look like a squished speed racer.

2. Thomas the Fiat Engine

As if Thomas the train wasn’t creepy enough — and the Fiat Multipla wasn’t already ugly — here’s Thomas the Fiat Engine. This bad car mod has to be one of the worst out there. The little engine that could stares into your soul from the hood and the two-tone paint job simply doesn’t do him justice. Honestly, a flame wrap might have been more fitting, because this car belongs in the deepest circle of hell. What a trainwreck.

3. Spaceship Van

Vans aren’t the coolest vehicles on the road. But do you know what is? A spaceship. That’s right. Someone turned their van into a giant starship. The purple and gold paint job really takes this mod to the next level — as do the extra-long front and rear extensions. How do they drive around in such a contraption? Will they ever find a parking spot with these mods? The world may never know.

4. Liam Nissan

You can’t help but wonder what Liam Neeson would have to say about this horrendous car mod. Not only does the vehicle sport a terrible pun, but the movie star’s face covers the entire thing. Also, what’s up with those headlights? Is that a mesh grill? Wait. Did the owner use packing tape to plaster printer paper all over the hood? Good luck ever selling this one!

5. Fishing Motor Front

The longer you stare at this photo, the worse it gets. Obviously, the fishing motor doesn’t belong there. That much is clear, but what is going on with the rear axle? No wheel should ever stick out that far. Most importantly, where is the driver? Is this the future of self-driving cars? If so, Elon Musk has some work to do.

6. Catty Jaguar

The paint job mod on this vintage Jaguar is absolutely cat-astrophic. This rare classic car is a beauty in the wild, but did it really need a giant cat painting on it? Maybe you could justify the wildcat if it was an actual jaguar, but it’s clearly a leopard. You can only hope the derpy face on the front is a wrap and not paint so someone can restore its dignity one day.

7. Ratmobile

Yes, you read that right. That right there is a ratmobile. And aside from the Mutt Cutts Van in “Dumb and Dumber,” it might just be the hairiest car you’ve ever laid eyes on. Even the windshield wipers have fur. Just imagine what this thing looks like when it rains. Absolutely terrifying.

8. Butterfly Nano

You know what the cheapest car in the world needs? It needs some slick butterfly doors. Obviously, the owner thought this mod would make crawling out of the car a bit less shameful. Well, he was wrong. If you’re driving around in a car like this, nothing can save your dignity — not even butterfly doors.

9. Mobile Phone

Someone dial 9-1-1, because this guy turned his car into a mobile phone — literally. The “off da hook” decal is just the icing on the cake, too. After staring at this terrible mod for a while, you may notice that the numbers aren’t covering his trunk. They’re on the windshield. How in god’s name is the driver supposed to see anything? Hopefully, this car spends more time in the driveway than on the road.

10. Gold Rush

Less is more, right? Apparently the driver of this gold Chevrolet Camero didn’t get the memo. Obviously, the owner was trying to impress everyone on the street with all that fake gold. However, what may have sounded good in theory turned out to be a major eyesore. In fact, the car probably would have looked much cooler had they just left it alone.

Mod-eration Is Key

When it comes to tricking out your car, moderation is key. While it may be tempting to go overboard with the paint or giant wheels, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Modify wisely and start small to ensure you don’t take things too far and end up with a bad car mod and Thomas the Train’s face on your hood.

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