6 Best Car Polish Brands

Polished car.

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Car polishing isn’t just for the car-obsessed — a good polish and wax on a vehicle give the paint job extra longevity and security. Plus, when the sun shines on your car, you feel a sense of pride. If you invest time in this optional car job, you want the best car polish to do the job. In no particular order, these are the best brands on the market.

1. WEN

One of the reasons WEN is on this list is because of its price point. Sometimes you need a decent polishing job on a budget, and with WEN, you get that experience. It won’t provide the most stunning polish job, but for around $30, their 10-inch polisher is better than nothing. It’s also a great brand for beginners because of its simplistic design. Car fans may want to change out the pads with alternatives if they aren’t satisfied with what’s included, but it will still spin at a reliable 4,000 rotations per minute.

2. Meguiar

Get that sheen while also removing scratches. Meguiar is one of the most well-known brands because of its quality and price with a high application efficiency. Waxers can apply with tools or by hand to remove every scuff, no matter the condition or color of the paint. Some of the most reliable versions include the Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Polish for a professional look without the professional price.

3. Nu Finish

Paint swirls and grime have nothing against the Nu Finish Scratch Doctor and polish. What stands Nu Finish apart is its promise only to require a once-per-year wax job. Even if you go through an automatic power wash every week for a year, it maintains that showroom aesthetic. Dedicated Nu Finish users even use it on their exterior and interior car windows, saying it works just as well as Rain-X. Clearly, Nu Finish has a malleability that makes devoted fans.

4. Turtle Wax

Your car may have had the same dull paint for years, with scratches and bugs that you must bring to its former glory. With easy application, Turtle Wax can do that regardless of how glitzy or classic the paint job is. It’s known for its ability to remove scratches — potentially the best available. Plus, one bottle will last drivers a long time — Turtle Wax claims it could go through 17 cars before hitting the bottom of the bottle. 

5. 3D Speed

If you don’t want two separate bottles to remove scratches and polish. 3D Speed has a two-in-one option. It is one of the more pricey options, but it’s worth the investment if you already have an electric polisher. Its price is considerate of its versatility because it works just as well on paint as metals or plastic — making it equally ideal if you have other vehicles.

6. Chemical Guys

If you’ve been hand-applying polishes your whole life, it might be time for an upgrade. Chemical Guys has a comprehensive kit with a solid orbital applicator to make you feel like an expert. There’s no assembly required, and it’s easy to use even if you’re the type who refuses to read instructions thoroughly. Chemical Guys offers a range of more specific polishes, including four options for attentive polishers, depending on the paint job.

Best Car Polish for Your Next Job

Make your car shine as it drove off the lot today. Waxing may seem optional to some, but it makes a car stand out and maintain exterior resilience. These are the best brands to help keep it smooth and shiny with minimal time and financial commitment.

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