Why You Should Buy an RV This Summer

Family gathered in front of an RV

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Recreation vehicles (RVs) are simply vehicles that contain living quarters where people can sleep, eat and relax. They come in two basic varieties — motorized and tow behind. Around nine million families in the United States have an RV, and numbers are growing by about 16 percent since 2001.

There seems to be an upward trend to the people owning RVs as baby boomers purchasing them, and the younger generation seems to be more interested in the ability to save money on vacation costs and the other benefits of owning an RV.

Owning an RV is a dream for many people, and fortunately one that’s easily attainable. You’ll find many reasons to buy an RV while the weather is warm enough for you to get your money’s worth out of it. Here are just a few of those reasons.

Save Money

Yes, you can actually save money over time, even with the initial purchase cost of the RV. You’ll save money on airfare, as you drive wherever you go, but also on hotel costs and because you’ll have the ability to cook meals rather than eating out for every meal while on vacation.

Not only do you save money in these ways, but you can also take a longer vacation for less money and even take your pets with you, saving on the cost of a pet sitter. RV vacations are the least costly type of travel, coming in at as much as 59 percent cheaper for a family of four.

See More

When you fly to your destination, you’re pretty much limited to the place you’ve chosen to visit. Adding additional locations can really add to costs. However, when you vacation in an RV, you can easily move from place to place. This convenience allows you to see much more than a single location. You can take in several states or national landmarks by simply moving your home on wheels to the next place.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Camping

Deciding to purchase an RV isn’t an easy one. You have to know the initial costs of buying the vehicle and learn how to tow it properly, how to hook up at the campground and all the other little details.

Fortunately, there’s a sense of community about camping, and there’s almost always someone around who will help you figure out how to accomplish these tasks. You should look for a well-established campground that has laundry facilities, full hookups and allows pets if you plan to take yours with you.

Strengthen Family Bonds

Traveling in an RV gives your family a chance to strengthen bonds and create shared experiences. Sure, you could spend thousands on an all-inclusive resort, but everyone will be off doing their own thing instead of sitting around a dinette playing a board game or gathered around the fire pit roasting marshmallows.

When you camp, you can also see more of the great outdoors, camping in national parks or going to locations you might not think to visit in a rental car or on a group tour.

Connect With the World

Those who vacation at campgrounds have a sense of community. You’ll meet people from all over the country while traveling in your RV. This community allows you — and any children traveling with you — to connect with the world at large and realize it’s made up of all types of people from all walks of life. Plus, you may just make some new friends during your journeys.

Some campgrounds have activities you can participate in, such as games and activities, swimming or even opportunities to go on a group nature walk. Some campgrounds offer things such as pancake breakfasts. Each of these activities gives you more bang for your buck and also provides a chance to meet new people.

Escape to Quiet

One of the best parts of owning an RV is the ability to escape to a place where life is paced a bit slower, and quiet is almost a sound. There are campgrounds all over the country, which means you can visit more remote places that might not have a hotel available but have a campground nearby.

You can also visit popular vacation spots in an RV — there will undoubtedly be a campground available. No matter what your goal for your vacation, you can meet it while you’re RVing.

Why You Should Buy an RV This Year

You may have thought about purchasing an RV for quite a while, but the best time to buy one is now. The earlier in the season you buy your RV, the more use you’ll get out of it this summer. Not only will you have a home on wheels for summer vacation, but you can also take short weekend camping trips all season long.