5 Engine Modifications for Better Performance

Feb 03, 2023

Car engine.

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Your car is one of your most important belongings. It takes you to work, school, the beach and any road trip you desire. So you’ll want to take care of the vehicle as if it’s your family. Your vehicle may be in good condition, but there are a few ways to tune it up. Follow this guide to see five engine modifications you can make for better performance in your car. 

1. Exhaust Flow

One of the easiest engine modifications you can make is to increase the exhaust flow. This adjustment helps you draw more power from the engine by letting air flow better. Cars with better airflow will have increased torque and horsepower. 

Your car’s stock exhaust flow usually isn’t loud because the automakers are concerned about noise. Upgrading the exhaust has noisier sounds, which can annoy neighbors and anybody else in the area. Some areas even forbid exhausts that are too loud. Last year, the governor of New York signed legislation that increased the fines for noisy exhaust systems. To quiet the exhaust, you need a muffler or a muffler silencer. 

2. Iridium Spark Plugs

The next upgrade for your engine revolves around the spark plug. These tiny parts are under $10 apiece, but they play a critical role in your car’s performance. Spark plugs create the spark that your engine needs to produce power. They generate electricity between two leads and assist the ignition in going. With some simple engine modifications, you can increase the power. 

One way to upgrade this part is to swap the current plugs for iridium spark plugs. You typically find spark plugs made from copper, platinum or iridium. Getting an iridium spark plug provides excellent durability, so you’re less likely to encounter engine problems if you opt for them. They also have a melting point of 700 degrees Fahrenheit and are terrific conductors of electricity.

3. High-flow Catalytic Converter

Another excellent enhancement you can make to your engine is installing a high-flow catalytic converter. A catalytic converter is part of your car’s exhaust system. Its objective is to mitigate the pollutants and toxic gases from the engine. 

Stock converters can take care of the job. Still, an upgraded part can increase the efficiency of your vehicle and optimize the airflow. High-flow catalytic converters are a terrific way to prevent improper fuel mix. Newer fuel systems may clog over time, but the high-flow converter will last longer. This part can also reduce your carbon emissions, which is helpful in states like California with emissions checks. 

4. Cold Air Intake

One of the least expensive engine modifications you can make is with a cold air intake. Your car’s intake is essential because it delivers oxygen to your combustion chamber. Inside this chamber, oxygen mixes with fuel to help your car run. A cold air intake is one way you can add more efficiency to your engine and increase performance. 

A cold air intake system enhances your stock intake by providing cooler air to the engine. More air for your engine means more power for your vehicle. You’ll see increased horsepower and better acceleration. It’s hard to compare the feeling of going zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds. You can also improve your fuel mileage because cold air intakes help your car burn fuel at a slower rate. Investing in a cold air intake can save you money in the long run. 

5. Turbochargers and Superchargers

Speaking of going fast, one way to increase the speed in your car is with a turbocharger. The turbo is a forced induction device you install in the engine. The flow of exhaust gases powers your turbocharger, using energy to constrict the intake gas. You’ll likely find a stock turbocharger in your vehicle. But upgrading it or switching to a supercharger can make all the difference. 

A supercharger takes your turbocharged engine to the next level. It gives you even more horsepower and adds another level of speed. The primary advantage of a supercharger is that it takes away the lag. The crankshaft powers the supercharger, so it delivers power instantly. Superchargers can be less efficient than turbochargers, and their reliability also comes into question because of engine temperatures. 

Engine Modifications for Your Car

Some vehicles you can get on the market today are high-powered. But are they giving you the best performance? If you want to improve your car’s performance, start with the engine. Use one of these five engine modifications to take your vehicle to the next level. 

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