The 7 Essential Steps to Naming Your Car

Sep 21, 2022

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While it isn’t necessary by any means, naming your car can add a bit of fun and personalization to the vehicle you drive. A name also personifies your car and might grow your bond with it, so you may be willing to treat it better than if you had not named it. Choosing a name might be difficult, but you can go through these steps to figure out the best name for your favorite ride.

1. Figure Out Your Car’s Personality

Even if your car is inanimate, it might still have a personality. If you want to opt for a traditionally gendered name, you can choose a gender for your vehicle. Its make and model can also give clues about what sort of “personality” it might have, as can stereotypes about specific cars.

When car dealerships advertise to people, they sell particular lifestyles through stereotypes attached to the type of car. Therefore, if you own a luxury car, you might consider giving it a luxurious name. In contrast, if you use your vehicle primarily for farm work or landscaping help, you might choose a name that sounds more simple or reflects farm life. If it’s a classic collectible car you drive somewhat regularly to keep it in good condition, you might opt for a name that used to be popular in the decade it was assembled.

2. Examine Color and Interior

Your car’s physical appearance might give you some ideas for names, too. Standard car colors have changed drastically over time. In just a decade, popular car colors changed from bold to earth-toned in the 1960s and 1970s. As such, color is a popular element of your car, whether you care about its cosmetics or not. You might choose to name your vehicle exactly after its color, or you could take inspiration from things commonly found in the same color.

3. Look Up Name Meanings

While picking a name for your car is much less stressful than picking a name for your child, choosing a meaningful name can still be important. The name of something is what defines them, something they grow into being. If you want your car to be strong and carry you through thousands of miles of travel, pick a name that signifies its strength. Similarly, if you want a fast car, choose a name that resonates with speed. Naming your car can be as straightforward or as complex as you want, depending on whether you want its name to mean something.

4. Think of Your Personality

You might also find a name for your car by analyzing your personality. Why not name your car something meaningful to you? You might choose to call it after a virtue you want to embody, or you could name it after a particularly rewarding time or experience in your life. Analyzing your personality can allow you to know more about yourself while helping you find a perfect name for your vehicle based on yourself.

5. Consider Your Favorites

When you’re at a loss while naming your car, try to name it based on something you love. Consider picking your favorite fruit or a fictional character you love for name inspiration. Once you have a few favorites you can sort through, you’ll have a better idea of the vibe you may want your car to give off. Coupled with the other steps in this process, you’re bound to find a few favorites that will stick with you.

6. Make a List

Lists are excellent for people who have difficulty keeping their thoughts straight. They can help you prioritize tasks in your life and items that you like. In this case, you’ll want to write down every name you’ve brainstormed for your car that you actually like and could see yourself calling it. Putting the names down on a list can get them out of your brain. Seeing them in front of you may help you make a decision.

7. Narrow It Down

Once all your favorite names are in one place, start narrowing them down. You can choose to cross off certain names based on how they make you feel. As you’re narrowing the ideas down, try saying the name while looking at your car. Sometimes, you’ll just think that the two don’t fit. Being able to effectively call your car by its name in conversation is the most crucial part of naming your car. You don’t want to name it something that you’ll never say.

Go Through the Process of Naming Your Car

The challenge of naming your car is something every car enthusiast must go through. Finding the best name for your car is a sweet feeling that will leave you feeling fulfilled. However, discovering the best name doesn’t always come easily to everyone. If all else fails, it’s just a car. Remember that you can always rename your vehicle at any point, and it won’t be a big deal. Your car should learn its new name quickly enough.

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