Happy Valentine’s Day! Check Out This Mustang Speed Dating Prank Video

2015 Ford Mustang

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Valentine’s Day is coming, and when most of us think of this hallmark holiday, we think of roses, chocolates and romantic interludes. Unless you’re a real fanatic, you probably don’t think of cars — but that didn’t stop Ford from setting up a blind date with a Mustang for some lucky guys back in 2015.

The Set Up

Ford worked with a talent agency to find a group of young male actors who were interested in auditioning for a pilot show about dating. Sounds like a great chance to get your big break, right? The actors were told to meet up with the lead of this theoretical show to give them a chance to judge if there was enough chemistry between the actors and the star.

It sounds pretty standard for anyone who’s familiar with reality television shows, and it didn’t take long before Ford had a group of willing young actors ready to meet their new co-star. They showed up at the agreed-upon location to see a beautiful blonde woman sitting behind the wheel of a bright red Mustang.

The Catch

The blonde in the Mustang wasn’t just any actress — it was Prestin Persson, one of the best female stunt drivers in the industry.

Both the car and the coffee shop where Prestin met up with the up-and-coming actors were equipped with hidden cameras. After a few minutes of conversation, she suggests they go somewhere quieter so they can talk.

Prestin downplays her driving skills, joking about how she doesn’t even know how to drive stick. We can imagine she had to bite her tongue a few times, as a few of the guys suggested letting them drive to show her what her car could really do — until she turned into an empty parking lot to turn around.

The Prank

As soon as she gets into the parking lot, Prestin lets loose and shows these guys what the Mustang GT is made of. She tears down the parking lot, letting the car do the talking for her. A couple of the guys seem to be totally freaked out by her sudden change, but others look like they’re having the time of their life.

After doing some 360s and filling the parking lot with tire smoke, she drops the bomb and lets the guys know that they’ve been on camera the whole time — and that she’s a professional stunt driver!

The Impact

This isn’t Ford’s first foray into holiday videos — they did a Halloween-themed skit, too, which pitted the car’s passengers against a car wash filled with Halloween-themed creatures — but it’s arguably their most famous attempt. The video got upwards of 5 million views in the first five days it was posted.

While it may have been disappointing for the guys that they weren’t auditioning for a new reality TV show, we think the awesome stunt-driving experience probably made up for it. We can’t wait to see what Ford comes up with next — and just between us, we wouldn’t mind getting in the car with an impressive stunt driver like Prestin Persson, either.

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