How to Paint Racing Stripes On Your Car


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nothing quite like the look of a set of perfectly crisp racing stripes on your
favorite daily driver. Even if you never take your car to the track, they can
look amazing — but if you don’t have nice clean lines, they can also end up
looking like you let a toddler drew on your hood. How can you paint racing
stripes on your car?

Decide On Your Stripes

you start taping things out, your first step should be to decide what kind of
stripes you want to see on your car when the painting is done. Do you want two
big traditional racing stripes, or would you rather see something more
elaborate, made up of perfectly balanced narrow stripes? While properly used
painters tape won’t damage your car’s paint job, you’ll end up leaving a lot of
sticky strips if you have to keep placing and removing the tape to get the
perfect stripes. 

course, there are some that think you shouldn’t
apply racing stripes
to daily drivers at all, but what do they know, right?

Prep Your Car

you’ve decided on your stripes, your next step is prep work. First, make sure
you clean wherever you’re going to apply paint. Road dirt, dust, dead bugs, and
fingerprints will all show up in your finished work. Wash and dry the areas
with automotive soap and water, and a lint-free cloth. Next, carefully mask out
your stripes.  Use blue painter’s tape — it was actually invented in the
1920s for body shops that were doing the exact same thing that you’re doing.
Double-check all your stripe lines, and run a squeegee over the painter’s tape
to ensure that there are no bubbles and it adheres properly. 

you’re ready to paint!

Paint Your Stripes

you’re using a spray gun, make sure you mask off anything that you don’t want
to paint.  Spray your racing stripe color on in thin, even coats, and let
it dry completely before you slowly pull the tape away.  If you’ve done
your job right, the tape should pull away, leaving clean and crisp lines that
you’ll be proud to show off when you’re driving down the highway. 

Opt For Temporary Stripes

you’re leasing your car, permanent exterior changes aren’t an option without
violating your leasing agreement. Thankfully, you’ve still got options. 
You can apply temporary
racing tripes with a black peel-coat
which comes in an easy to use spray paint can.
Follow the same steps as above — mask off your stripes, apply four to five
coats of the peel coat and once it dries, carefully remove the painter’s tape
before giving your new racing stripes at least 24 hours to fully dry. You can
leave these temporary stripes in place for up to six months, then peel them off
without damaging the paint or clear coat beneath. 

Enjoy Your New Look

you’re opting for temporary or permanent racing stripes, these accents can add
some attitude and color to your daily driver, whether you take it to the track or
not. Enjoy your new look and show off those stripes whenever you get the