How to Prepare a Car for Long-Term Storage

Sep 07, 2022


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People typically enjoy traveling. But one of the more distressing things to think about while abroad is what’s happening to your car. Not everyone has a relative to take them to the airport or train station — some people must do it themselves. 

Preparing a car for long-term storage is essential to becoming a traveler. You want to ensure your vehicle remains safe while you’re having fun on vacation or traveling for business. Follow these steps to prepare your car for storage, and you’ll lessen the likelihood of something wrong happening while you’re away.

1. Cover It Up

Whether your car stays at home or in a parking garage, covering it up can help it stay safe from the elements. You never know when a storm will roll through or what external hazards your car may face while you’re not around. A weatherproof car cover can keep out bad weather and turn away prying eyes.

2. Clean the Inside

Over 800,000 car break-ins happened in 2020, accounting for billions of dollars in losses. To minimize the likelihood of burglary, clean it up before you leave. If you have clutter in your vehicle, anything of value will look more enticing to burglars who pass by it. Make sure to store any valuables safely at home or with a loved one. Alternatively, if you have nowhere else to put your valuables, keep them in your trunk or a theft-proof box.

3. Add Air to the Tires

Knowing how to prepare a car for long-term storage entails knowing what to adjust before you leave. Looking forward to coming home after being away, only for your tires to go flat, is never a fun experience. As your car sits still, it can weigh down your tires and cause them to have a flat spot. 

If you notice that your tires are anything less than ideal before you park your car, you should fill them with air. That way, you can avoid a tricky situation where you’re stuck in your parking spot because your tires have gone flat over the time you were gone.

4. Change Its Oil

If you plan on storing your car for longer than a month, you should plan on getting its oil changed before you depart. Your car won’t have to run for a while when you get back, so making sure it’s in tip-top shape before you leave is a great way to ensure that it’ll smoothly when you return. Getting someone to check the engine every few weeks would greatly help ensure your vehicle is ready to drive once you return.

5. Keep Pests Away

Whenever you’re storing your car, especially if you store it in a public place, you’ll need to think about how you’re planning to keep moths and rodents away from your car. Since mice have an excellent sense of smell, you can pick an all-natural solution.

Keeping them away from your car is as easy as putting strong-smelling peppermint or used coffee grounds inside your vehicle. Pests can cause several issues, including chewing on your upholstery and frightening you whenever you reclaim your vehicle. Deal with the problem before it becomes a problem, and you may leave your car smelling nice to you.

You Should Know How to Prepare a Car for Long-Term Storage

It can be challenging planning for a trip. Sometimes, things slip your mind and only get done after you leave. However, knowing how to prepare a car for long-term storage is crucial knowledge for anyone leaving a vehicle behind as they travel. It would help if you always prioritized taking care of your car before you go on a trip. No matter how long you’re traveling, you’ll be grateful that you had taken care of your vehicle before you left. Then, you can jump right back into your life without worrying about any repairs or surprise issues.

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