Beginner’s Guide to Showcasing Your Car

A photographer showcasing his car

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Once you’ve poured a ton of money and time into your car, it’s only natural to want to show it off to other car lovers. However, that isn’t as easy as snapping a few pictures with your phone and calling it a day. A lot of thought and preparation goes into showcasing a car. Here are some things to consider before you post cell phone pictures to your favorite car forum.

Improve Your Photography Game

Smartphone cameras are getting better every year, and you can take some pretty beautiful pictures with them, but they’re not even in the same ZIP code as DSLR cameras. If you’re planning on showcasing your car, whether you show it in your garage or at an event, you’ll need some good pictures.

Consider spending the money to purchase a high-quality digital camera to take photos of your car. Once you’ve gotten your hands on the camera, take time to practice with it. You don’t want to take a bunch of pictures, only to find you’ve cut off the wheels or the hood because you don’t understand how to frame a shot with this new camera.

Upgrade Your Garage

If you’re going to showcase your car at home, you can’t have a messy garage. Even if you’ve got the room for your vehicle, surrounding it with mess detracts from the aesthetic and makes you look lazy. This detail isn’t as important if you’re only going to take your car to shows, but even if you’re not bringing people into your garage, having a clean and organized space makes it easier to work on your showpiece.

First, take a look at your slab floor. The chances are high that it’s taken a beating over the years, and is both stained and cracked. Consider replacing it or updating it with a polished concrete surface. Polished concrete looks fantastic — it’s reflective and smooth and lasts for years with very little maintenance.

Shelving, recessed storage or overhead bins can all organize your stuff while keeping it off the floor. Here are some other things to consider adding.

  • Lighting: You’ll need adequate lighting if you’re going to take pictures inside. Invest in some adjustable LED rail lights you can move as necessary to get that perfect shot.
  • Decorations: Your garage doesn’t have to look drab and boring. Decorate! Pick up some signs or trinkets to hang on the walls to give your garage a bit more ambiance.
  • Entertainment system: Choose something a bit more elaborate than a smartphone and a Bluetooth speaker, especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time out there.
  • Seating: This one speaks for itself. You can find branded seats that match the make and model of the car you’re showcasing.

If you think of anything else that would fit with your decor scheme, feel free to add it. Make the garage yours, and anyone who comes to see your car will feel it too.

Deep-Clean Everything

We’ve already talked about getting rid of clutter, but garages tend to be dirty places. Deep-clean everything before you bring anyone over to see your showpiece. Sweep and vacuum the floors. Mop, if you’ve upgraded to polished concrete. Dust everything, polish every polishable surface and make sure to stow everything is in its place.

Don’t forget to deep-clean your car too, inside and out. No one wants to come to see a heavily modded engine that’s obscured beneath layers of dirt and oil.

Strut Your Stuff

Showcasing your car is a great way to show off all the hard work you’ve done, but if you’re planning on spotlighting it at home, your garage needs an upgrade before you start inviting anyone over. Use these tips to make everyone green with envy about your precious wheels.

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