10 Simple and Inexpensive Interior Car Mods

Looking down at leather car seats.

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Interior car mods come in many shapes and sizes. Some can change the entire look and feel of your vehicle, while others are subtle and only apparent to other car enthusiasts. This list focuses on the latter category. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to make your car look good.

Consider adding these ten cheap and simple interior car mods to easily enhance your driving experience!

1. Phone Accessories

We use our phones pretty much 24/7, including while we’re driving. We text, scroll through music playlists and look for directions all the time. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that 660,000 drivers are on their phones at any given moment, which makes the roads much less safe.

You can be a more responsible driver by adding these phone accessories to your car’s interior:

  • Dash Cam: A dash cam will prevent insurance fraud if you get into an accident. It also allows you to study and adjust your driving habits.
  • Phone Holder: Keep your phone steady while following directions or swiping through your music playlist.
  • Wireless Charging Unit: Charging your phone in the car will be much easier with a wireless unit instead of a charging cord.

These small additions won’t change your car’s visual appearance, but they will drastically improve the driving experience and decrease the chances of an accident.

2. Sound System

If your car’s default speakers aren’t cutting it, switch it out for a more powerful sound system from Bose or JBL. New speaker installation is a breeze, and you can even add extra speakers behind the backseats. Some sound systems allow you to adjust the bass and treble settings with a remote control rather than going through the vehicle’s settings.

3. Ambient Lighting

A few well-placed LED light strips can change the entire ambience of your car’s interior. Put them under your dashboard, along the doors and under the seats. You’ll be able to change the color schemes and patterns with the push of a button. Just make sure the lights don’t interfere with your vision while driving.

4. Seat Covers

Seat covers are one of the interior car mods with the greatest visual impact. You can get new covers that fit your vehicle’s color scheme better, or you can opt for a custom design for a more unorthodox look. Red and blue covers in black interiors are common among car enthusiasts because they make the interior much more vibrant.

5. Floor Mats

Floor mats can also add tons of color to your car’s interior, but they serve a more functional purpose. A set of heavy-duty rubber floor mats will protect your car from dirt and debris your shoes track from outside. They can also handle spills and save you from cleaning up a huge mess. When they get too dirty, you can just rinse them off to make them look brand-new.

6. Racing Pedals

Stock pedals are often made of cheap materials that wear down over time. Racing pedals, on the other hand, are made of sleek brushed metal that stays the same. If you recently bought a luxury sports car you can even add custom pedals with the brand’s logo on them. Swapping them out is easy, as you only need to change the pedals. The rest of the drivetrain system remains intact.

7. Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover is another simple interior car mod that will significantly improve your driving experience. If your steering wheel is made of leather, it will deteriorate. Bits and pieces will start to fall off and your hands will get stained. A steering wheel cover will hide this damage, improve your grip and make your vehicle look more like a race car.

8. Middle Console Cover

The middle console can be a nuisance sometimes, especially if it doesn’t provide sufficient cushioning. If your car has this problem, a console cover is an easy solution. It will make your vehicle’s cabin more comfortable and provide another chance to introduce more color. This mod might not be obvious to all of your passengers, but other car enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail.

9. Door Accents

Other car enthusiasts will also notice door accents, which can add some major bling to your otherwise bland car doors. A few hints of gold and silver can make your car’s interior look like it belongs in a luxury vehicle. These rare colors are more powerful in small doses, so be careful not to go overboard with the accents.

10. Rearview Mirror Upgrade

We round off our list with one of the most underrated interior car mods, the rearview mirror. You might think your current mirror is sufficient, but many stock mirrors offer a limited range of view. A bigger mirror will improve your vision and make navigating traffic much easier. It will also make your vehicle look more futuristic, as a bonus.

Spoil Your Car’s Interior

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on flashy exterior modifications and new parts, why not spoil your car’s interior for a few hundred dollars? These interior car mods are cheap, easy to install and built to last. They will improve the driving experience AND your car’s visual appeal without breaking the bank.