The Lego Lamborghini: Everything You Need to Know

Lamborghini with doors open.

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Lego has crafted some of the most clever, brian-busting toys for all ages. For car buffs, they have some special surprises. The Lego Technic sets expand on the possibilities of traditional Lego, adding additional parts to the classic bricks, like gears. The innovations brought by the Technic series gave car fans a beautiful yet challenging mission — to complete the Lego Lamborghini. 

What is the Lego Lamborghini?

Lego’s first foray into the Lamborghini world was with the Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. It came out in July 2020 and was a highly sought-after release — since there were only 38 models. Previous Technic car models like the Jeep Wrangler in 2021 included 665 pieces, and the 2019 Land Rover Defender had a whopping 2,573. These facts make the piece count of the Sián all the more impressive at an astounding 3,696 parts.

Here are some additional specs about what’s inside the box that’ll solidify this release as a true collector’s item from Lego:

  • 1:8 scale of the real Lambo — 5” high, 23” long and 9” wide.
  • Realistic V12 engine with moving pistons
  • No batteries
  • Hidden code to unlock more online content
  • Collector’s instruction booklet with bonus interviews and content
  • Other moving parts, like the iconic scissor doors and spoiler

What’s the Cost, and Is it Worth It?

Fresh from the source, the Sián will run fans $449.99, one of the most expensive Technic models released at the time. Because of the piece count, it’s one of the most complex builds in the Technic collection, averaging dedicated builders around 18 hours. 

Because of the close attention to detail and moving parts to make it feel as close to a real car, builders can anticipate a highly focused building experience. When analyzing cost-per-brick, buyers get more than their money’s worth by the end — plus, they have a beautiful trophy to show for their accomplishments.

The model’s worth might be more, considering the Technic models retire after a few years. The Sián should’ve been leaving shelves in 2023, but Lego gave it grace, insinuating it will stick around until 2024.

Wait, People Made a Full-Scale Lego Lamborghini Sián?

In 2022, car enthusiasts passionate about Lego building decided to take on a new challenge — bringing the brick-powered Sián to life with over 400,000 pieces and $40,000. Lamborghini took the model to their paint shop, giving it a specialty treatment with green UV paint to make it as close to the model as possible. Fans looking to recreate this look for a custom paint job might have a hard time.

The team spent 8,600 hours constructing this 1:1 replica of the Sián with only patience and plastic. The project was so ambitious that several pieces had to receive customization to execute the build. 

Its striking lime-green exterior and wacky pattern would impress even the most resentful parents who’ve stepped on countless Lego bricks. The full-scale replica received so much praise it landed a temporary exhibition in the Lamborghini museum in Italy.

Lego’s Biggest, Coolest Cars

Builders are getting an excellent deal for the model by comparing the Lego’s Lambo to a real $3 million Sián. The flashy build would make any car fanatic happy to build and own, residing on a coffee table or shelf as a glowing display of luxury — within reason. If Lambos aren’t your style, Technic releases new cars with increasing attention to detail multiple times a year to challenge your Lego chops on some high-tech bricks.

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