Mazda’s 25th Birthday Brings a Tear to Your Eyes


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Mazda’s birthday celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Miata in a very unique way, as the company released a video tribute to the car.

The video makes the Miata seem like one of the most important vehicles of the past 50 years. It’s depicted in an almost heroic manner. While it’s true that many Miata lovers get a special feeling when they drive the car, this video might take it a little bit too far.

Perhaps this is because the video is for those who have already purchased a Miata. Therefore, the company is not trying to make a sale. At the same time, however, the video does try to sell the Miata as a vehicle that Mazda puts extra effort into. If you take Mazda’s birthday video at face value, you might be led to believe the Mazda Miata is the single greatest invention in human history.

The Attributes of the Car

Mazda’s birthday video begins with the program manager of the product division, Nobuhiro Yamamoto. He claims that the Miata brings joy and happiness to all who drive it. The car, according to Yamamoto, is also able to free anyone who sees the car’s mind in an instant. It’s no wonder the Miata has survived for 25 years. This description makes the car seem almost magical.

Of course, the video does not stop there. It goes on to say the Mazda Miata is an irreplaceable partner for all who drive it and is responsible for animating life. Yamamoto explains how Mazda developed the vehicle and how much work went into the creation of such a special automobile. When watching the video, you feel as though all of the technicians who work on these cars fall in love with them and truly care about the production of each individual car.

Reading Between the Lines

This video is portrayed as an emotional tribute to the Miata. Ultimate, it’s an advertising campaign showing how much work goes into making one of these cars. Each Miata is made with passion and emotion, so those who drive the vehicles feel the same passion. A video that, on the surface, looks sappy and corny actually has a decent marketing message. It focuses on the craftsmanship and effort that goes into making each vehicle.

This is something that those who are thinking of purchasing a vehicle want to see. They do not want to hear the car was mass-produced on an assembly line. They want to believe a human being put effort and passion into the car, as this creates the belief that the car will be reliable.

Mazda’s Birthday Video Analysis

Although non-Miata drivers might laugh at such a video, there is something to be said about a car that creates such an emotional response in some people. There are countless Miata lovers around the world who get a great deal of enjoyment out of driving the vehicle. Those who truly love their cars look at them as irreplaceable partners. It makes sense to the many people around the world would truly love their Mazda Miatas.

Since the video is subtitled with Yamamoto speaking in Japanese, much of the hyperbole is probably contextual. If the translation was done word-for-word, phrases used might simply have a different meaning in Japanese. This could eliminate some of the sections about the Mazda Miata giving joy to all who gaze upon it.

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