The 10 Best Cities to Own a Car

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If you own a car, or even if you’re renting one, you probably want to know the best destination for you and your car when you hit the open road. Here are ten of the best cities to own a car in America. After reading this list, you just might be ready for a road trip!

Las Vegas, NV

Sin City is far more than just gambling and girls — it’s also a fantastic place for car owners! With low gas prices and plenty of car washes per capita, the city welcomes you with open arms. Plus, there’s the beautiful contrast of the night life and the infinite desert that surrounds it. It’s a driver’s dream come true!

Fort Collins, CO

Located in Colorado, this small town is off the radar — which makes it one of the best places to drive in America. Why? According to research from, Fort Collins has an outstanding safety record.

If you decide to drive here, you’ll be less likely to be in an accident. Specifically, you’ll be 28.2% less likely, as compared to the national average. If safety is important to you, then Fort Collins, CO is the place to go!

Newark, NJ

Known more for its airports than anything else, you may be surprised to learn that the city of Newark is also a juggernaut in an important aspect of driving that people tend to ignore: parking. In fact, the city prides itself on taking care of those passing through. Simply put, Newark is one of the best places in America to park.

With services such as SNAP, passengers from airlines can breathe easy knowing they’ll have a cheap and secure place to park while visiting the Garden State.

Tampa, FL

States where it’s perpetually summer naturally seem like a good choice for car enthusiasts to call home. This is why Florida has a plethora of cities ripe in car culture, and Tampa is one of them. Ranking third overall for repair shops per capita, Tampa is a no-brainer when it comes to driving your automobile into car heaven.

Cincinnati, OH

Including a vast number of car dealerships and repair shops, the city of Cincinnati in southern Ohio is an excellent choice for drivers. Not only that, but you also get to show off your beauty in the variety of car shows that occur throughout the year.

Combine all of these factors together, and you get a destination that car lovers just can’t pass up!

Greensboro, NC

Rolling hills and Southern charm — North Carolina is a breathtaking vista to see. And, to make it better, it’s a great place to drive. Research has shown that Greensboro is ranked in the top 10 in categories such as cheapest gas prices, lowest insurance premiums and parking fees. You’re also really close to Myrtle Beach, so that’s not bad, either.

Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi always gets outshined by bigger cities like Dallas and Houston. However, it’s about time Corpus Christi became recognized for something. That something is cars!

Statistics show that, not only is this city in the top 10 in terms of gas prices and the cost of a new car, but they’re actually the second-best in the entire United States in this category! Beat that, Dallas.

Birmingham, AL

Two words: open road. This is the main selling point for drivers looking to cruise in their speedsters. A lot of people tend to carpool in the city, and the act of carpooling leads to fewer cars on the road. This is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to rev up their engine and break loose down the highway (in a safe manner, of course).

The city also hosts the annual Alabama International Auto Show, which makes the city a hub for all car enthusiasts.

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis has a lot going on in the world of cars. One of the biggest car attractions for the city is the sheer number of car clubs there are. According to research, the city has the ninth-highest number of car clubs in America. Not only that, but it also ranks in the top ten in both repair shops and car washes. This is definitely the place to spruce up and turn your car into a work of art.

Scottsdale, AZ

Simply put, this place has it all. Ranking third for the least amount of traffic and construction, the city is a place where you’ll actually get to work on time. You may even get there early! It also sits on the outer fringes of the top 10 for gas prices and repair shops. It’s the perfect combination for people who love cars. If you’re looking for a spot to drive in, Scottsdale can’t be beat!

The Best Cities to Own a Car

All those cities sound amazing to drive through, right? Time to bust out the GPS — looks like you’ve got a lot of driving ahead of you!

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