30 More of the Best Automotive Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Finding good information is difficult these days. Fake news has permeated the mass media, and it can be tough to know who you should trust. The solution? Don’t read news about current events. Just stick to news about cars from reliable automotive blogs. You’ll be less frustrated, and you’ll always have the latest info when it comes time for barroom banter.

As for where to get your information, some automotive blogs are better than others, but you can find great stories on sites large and small. It’s more about what you like, so here are some ideas for sites you can visit to stay up-to-speed — no pun intended.

1. Autotrader Oversteer

Fans of Doug Demuro’s videos will recognize this name since it’s Doug’s column for the popular site that helps people find used cars to buy. His content is just as diverse as in the videos. Plus, a few other contributors chime in with their thoughts to make it a well-rounded place to get all your car news and fun.

2. The Truth About Cars

TTAC is an excellent source of tell-it-like-it-is automotive journalism. This independent automotive blog is not afraid to call automakers out on their mistakes or bring the word count up to explain a complex topic.

3. Jalopnik

I make fun of them a little bit, but they’re still a staple for any car fan. The Kindja-based Jalopnik blog offers different channels like Truck Yeah and Opposite Lock. A fun-loving team of knowledgeable authors makes it easy to jump into a discussion with fellow Jalops. 

4. Be Car Care Aware

Even if you’re not an “enthusiast”, you should know how to take care of your car. This blog can teach you.

5. Car and Driver

This is the blog home of the popular automotive magazine, complete with a dedicated message board.

6. The Korean Car Blog

Korean car manufacturing has stepped its game up in a big way recently, even giving some of the marques from Germany a run for their money. Learn more about the best and worst of Korean cars here.

7. Evo

Dive into the supercar lifestyle or indulge in the joys of owning a vintage Alfa. Evo is all about taste, so, of course, its staff is mostly British.

8. Hoonigan

If you like smokey burnouts, you’ll enjoy this automotive blog from the team that builds Ken Block’s rally cars. They might seem immature, but they can produce some impressive vehicles.

9. Drivetribe

To call Drivetribe a blog might be inaccurate. It’s a social network for car lovers, but some of the well-curated pages are effectively automotive blogs — and good ones.

10. Hemmings Daily

Looking for a classic car? Hemmings Motor News is the place to go. Now you can check it out online, and while you’re there, you can read the latest from this esteemed publisher’s blog.

11. Autoblog

Autoblog started as part of the AOL channel. They were pretty much Jalopnik before Jalopnik.

 12. Car Talk

Even though one of the Tappet brothers has passed away, ending their regular radio broadcast, their spirit lives on in the Car Talk blog. If you’ve ever tuned in, you know why you should pay this site a visit.

13. Kelly Blue Book

The Blue Book is an excellent resource for learning what your car is worth, but Kelly also publishes content about cars. Read up and be an educated buyer.

14. The Chicane

If your idea of a dream vacation is a visit to Goodwood Festival of Speed, you should check this site out. It’s dedicated to vintage motoring.

15. BMW Blog

Would you be surprised if we told you this was a blog about BMWs? It is. It’s a good blog about BMWs, too. Read it if you like them. I even write there from time to time.

16. VW Vortex

Staying with the theme of marque-specific blogs, VW Vortex is the premier place for Volkswagen fans to gather online and discuss the ups and downs of VW ownership. It’s one I just started writing for as well.

17. Cartype

Cartype takes a unique, typography-based approach to the topic of automobiles. It’s your typical views and reviews site with a quirky spin.

18. Corvette Blogger

The Corvette has a loyal following, so you won’t be surprised to learn that Corvette owners are active in their online community. Corvette Blogger is a great place to join that community, whether you’re an owner or not.

19. FlatSixes

The world is flat if you’re a Porschefile. This online forum is where you go with questions and comments about all things Porsche. You might find some good original content and car listings there, too.

20. Edmunds

Similar to Kelly, but with a focus on sharing information from actual reviewers, Edmunds is a company renowned for gathering user feedback. It holds true for cars just like with anything.

21. Between the White Lines

BTWL is a Tumbler blog where you can view some exquisite automotive photography. It’s not all about going fast, though. Think more lifestyle than motorsport.

22. YourMechanic Blog

Have a question about how to fix something on your car? You don’t need to spend four figures at the dealership. Instead, consult the YourMechanic blog and figure out how to fix it on your own.

23. TopSpeed

It’s all there in the name. This site is dedicated to supercars, hypercars and super sports cars along with the outrageous things people do with them.

24. Ask Patty

Women are playing a more significant role than ever in the car game these days. Whether you’re male or female, you can come to Patty with questions about cars and be confident you’ll get an authoritative answer.

25. Gas2

If you’re into green cars and alternative fuels, this is the blog for you. Gas2 focuses solely on cars that are not powered by fossil fuels and the technology that lets us enjoy them.

26. Celebrity Cars Blog

Everyone gets excited about cars that have been owned by celebrities, but we never hear about them until after they change hands. Visit this blog and get the scoop on who’s driving what.

27. Stance Is Everything

If you’re not familiar with stance culture, it is the latest automotive craze. Typically, it involves lowering vintage cars to the point that suspension tweaks are needed for them to ride correctly. Learn more with this blog.

28. Speedhunters

These guys take their fun and their cars seriously. Check out the blog to learn a thing or two about cars, and you might learn something about life as well.

29. Automobile

Similar to Car and Driver, this is the blog side of a well-known publication. Automobile has the expertise and credibility to earn your attention, and thankfully, the magazine is back now!

30. The Supercar Blog

Supercars are fascinating. This blog is all about supercars. Get to know the latest and greatest, hear from owners and testers — it’s all here.


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