The Best Driving Gloves for 2020


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Have you ever heard of driving gloves? They’ve been popular since the introduction of the automobile, but back then, they were a necessity — your cabin wasn’t fully enclosed, and driving gloves protected your hands from the elements. Today, they’re not necessary, but they’re still popular. They provide superior grip, keep your hands warm in the winter and offer ventilation during the warm months. If you drive a lot for business or pleasure, they’ll also keep your fingers dirt-free.

With those benefits in mind, here is our list of the best driving gloves for 2020.

Matsu Traditional Fingerless Leather Gloves

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you can’t go wrong with these genuine lambskin fingerless gloves by Matsu. Experts designed them to reduce palm sweating, keeping you comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. 

Fingerless gloves might be more commonly associated with motorcycles, but they can be useful tools for the average driver as well. These only come in black, though, so if you’re looking for something with a little more pop, you’ll want to keep reading. 

Connolly + Goodwood Full-Grain Leather Gloves

Connolly and Goodwood are both well-known names in the automotive world. If you’re looking for high-end driving gloves that will last a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with this full-grain leather option. They’re pricey, but they’re hand-stitched to provide durability and perforated to provide the perfect level of ventilation. If you are looking to invest in an accessory that won’t fall apart in a year, this pair is ideal. 

Riparo Genuine Leather Full-Finger Gloves

If you’re driving in a hot or humid environment, you’re not going to want a set of driving gloves that are heavy leather or lined with warm materials. This option is thin genuine leather and, while they provide full-finger protection unlike the first set of gloves on our list, the entire surface is perforated to create optimal ventilation. 

These gloves come in a variety of colors, and they’re affordable enough that you can add a pair in every shade to your wardrobe. 

ELMA Luxury Italian Nappa Leather Gloves

Nearly every new car these days comes equipped with a touchscreen and an infotainment system, which can be challenging to use if you’re wearing a set of gloves — no matter how nice they are. These Italian leather driving gloves from ELMA are arguably one of the best pairs in the world.  

In addition to the high-quality leather exterior, you can choose from a variety of different liners. You can find a pair that are cozy and convenient regardless of when you’re driving. They’re only available in brown or black, but they’re incredibly affordable as well as comfortable. 

Unigear Lightweight Running Gloves

The name might say running glove, but this lightweight touchscreen-compatible accessory can double for driving as well. They’re warm, making them an excellent choice for colder climates, but they’re also moisture-wicking, so they move dampness away from your skin if you happen sweat while driving. They’re incredibly lightweight and make a great base if you need to layer up with multiple pairs of gloves. 

Don’t let the comfortable fabric fool you, however. These gloves are incredibly durable, with reinforced elastic stitching on the seams. If you choose the right size, you don’t have to worry about rips or tears.

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