5 Reasons You Should Wear Driving Gloves

Man in suit on red motorcycle.

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When you think of essential car gear, you probably consider the spare tire, jumper cables and other tools for maintenance. But what about your gloves? They’re an underrated part of the driving experience. Motorcyclists know the importance of gloves, but what about when driving a sedan or truck? This guide will outline five benefits of wearing driving gloves.

1. Weather Conditions

Driving gloves are practical when the weather conditions get rough. Imagine it’s a hot summer day, and your car has been baking in the sun for several hours. Sunshades can only protect your vehicle so much from the scorching sun, especially if you’re enduring a heatwave. You hop in the car, but the steering wheel and seatbelts are too hot to grip. You’re stuck waiting for the air conditioner to cool the interior before you can go. 

Alternatively, the winter days can be brutal. Your hands are cold, and the steering wheel may as well be a block of ice. Driving gloves are an excellent solution because they provide insulation for your hands. Raising your hands above your elbows decreases blood flow, but the gloves keep you warm. It’s hard enough to drive in the snow, so driving gloves are handy to keep your extremities warm.

2. Improved Grip

Maintaining your grip can be much more complicated when your palms get sweaty (not to mention your weak knees and heavy arms). Whether you’re feeling hot or nervous, your hands can start slipping off the steering wheel if the beads of sweat run down your body. There’s a reason why Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon and racers alike have worn gloves for generations. 

Driving gloves give you a better grip on the steering wheel. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Chevrolet Camaro on the highway or Chevrolet Camaro on the track at Daytona International Speedway. Gloves keep your hands tight on the wheel during any pressure situations.  

3. Longer-lasting Steering Wheel

Wearing driving gloves can be a worthwhile investment because they improve your driving performance and extend the life of your steering wheel. That may sound odd, but there’s a logic behind it. Suppose you have a luxury car like an Audi. These vehicles often have steering wheel covers wrapped with leather or wood. They’re excellent customizations for any car, especially a luxury vehicle. 

They look nice, but your hands can harm these steering wheels over time because of your natural oils. Materials like leather are naturally very porous, so it doesn’t take much to affect them. You could have sweat, oil or grease, and they’ll all wear down your steering wheel over time. You could drive with your pant legs, but driving with gloves would be much easier. 

4. Extending the Drive

How do racecar drivers last 500 or 600 miles at a time in their vehicles? They build endurance over their years of racing, and one essential factor is their gloves. You might not drive a 500-mile race in three hours as they do, but there are still instances where you need to drive long distances. Say you’re going on a road trip or have taken a role as a truck driver. After a while, your hands will become tired on the wheel.

Hand fatigue is normal after a few hours of driving. You may start to see calluses and blisters form on your hands. Driving gloves provide a barrier between your hands and the steering wheel. If there are vibrations, you won’t feel them as much. If your hands get sweaty inside the gloves, try finding a pair with holes or breathable mesh for ventilation and keeping your hands cool.

5. Adding Style

Lastly, wearing driving gloves gives you the benefit of looking good while driving. The aesthetics won’t save you from spinning out, but it gives you an added swagger. Wearing gloves makes you feel like a professional who knows what he’s doing. You’ll feel like Jason Statham in “Transporter” or Ryan Gosling in “Drive.” 

Gloves can also give a sense of identity, especially if they complement your car. You can match your car’s color or the manufacturer’s. For example, Porsche makes gloves for its drivers. Imagine you walk down the street, and someone sees your gloves. They’ll immediately know you mean business and that you drive a high-quality car.

Driving Gloves: More Valuable Than You Think

Driving is one of the most fun hobbies, whether going down the street or across the country. When you hit the road, you want to be as comfortable as possible. A pair of driving gloves could be what you need to get through extreme temperatures and increase your driving performance.

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