The Pennsylvania Auto Show 2016 [VIDEO]

2016 Mustangs

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The Pennsylvania Auto Show 2016 takes place in January every year at the Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA.

Check out a quick video of the 2016 PA Auto Show:

I meant to take video and pictures, but I was just too impressed with the cars to remember to get my camera out. The PA Auto Show 2016 featured the 2016 Mustang, my favorite car (I’d take one in Yellow), as well as a new Corvette, Dodge Challenger, and more.

If you go to the 2017 PA Auto Show

If you’ve never been to the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, the first thing that you’ll notice is the size of the place. It’s massive, and once you’re inside it seems to spread out for miles. Be ready to spend a lot of time walking, as the building has over 1 million square feet of space.

PA Auto Show Parking and Tickets and 2017 Date

It may not take you long to get to the Farm Show complex, but it will take you a while to park if it’s busy. Parking is $10, which to me is a little much, but at least it’s less than the $15 they charge for the Farm Show in early January. If the main lots are full, you’ll need to park off-location and get bused in. The buses are free, but it will add a good 20 minutes to your commute. Expect to spend a decent amount of time between arriving in Harrisburg and arriving at the door of the PA Auto Show.

The 2017 PA Auto Show is scheduled for Thursday, January 26, to Sunday, January 29. Tickets are usually $10, but you can order early and get a discount. Kids under 12 are free as well, although I left mine at home so I could take more time to enjoy the cars.

You can buy PA Auto Show tickets right here.

The PA Farm Show Complex, courtesy of Bill Badzo
The PA Farm Show Complex, courtesy of Bill Badzo

About The Pennsylvania Auto Show 2016

The Pennsylvania Auto Show gets hundreds of the hottest and newest cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and motorcycles. I’m a huge Ford fan, so it was great to see some of their latest, including the 2016 Mustang, 2016 Focus RS, and the 2016 Raptor. They didn’t have the new GT, but perhaps they will next year.

They have a great selection of brands to check out, including BMW, Mazda, Jeep, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Lexus, Volkswagen, Chevy, and more. The boat display was pretty cool, but if that’s your thing I’d wait for the Outdoor Show in February which has even more.

Of course, this isn’t one of the major auto shows, like Detroit or Chicago. You won’t see a ton of famous drivers, or reporters from major sites. But it’s still a great place to check out a ton of amazing cars in one area, and doing so for pretty cheap and without pushing through a huge crowd. It’s a popular show, but it’s not overcrowded.

If you went to the Pennsylvania Auto Show 2016, let me know how you like it!

I’ll try to get more pictures and video next year. Maybe I’ll see you there!