The Tesla and Its Crazy New Doors


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With one of the most unique vehicle designs – falcon doors – the Tesla Model X is a perfect embodiment of Tesla Motors. The Model X is going to bring a bit of flair to the road – not to mention the company’s traditional gasoline-free policy.

As Tesla’s newest option, the electric-powered Model X SUV will be based on the Model S sedan, but with some significant differences. Holding true to the original concept design revealed in 2012, the most outstanding difference for the Model X will be those flashy, yet practical, falcon doors.

Model X Features

With high-volume production planned for 2015, Tesla will soon be breaking into the SUV platform with its crossover model that will feature a number of impressive design aspects. Although the Model X is being developed from Tesla’s sedan model, the new SUV will be a one-of-a-kind vehicle with individual specifications.

The new Model X will have a lower drag coefficient than the Model S, despite being the bigger vehicle, although the SUV will have a higher total drag due to the increased frontal area. For power, the Model X will use 60 kWh and 85 kWh batteries, as well as dual-motor all-wheel drive. The 50 percent increase in torque from the second motor allows the Model X to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds.

Tesla’s Model X is designed to give drivers and passengers the best of a SUV by including easy third-row access with the second-row seats able to slide all the way forward. The family-friendly Tesla also has a lower center of gravity than most SUVs, which allows it to be more agile on the road. The most intriguing features, though, are the doors.

Those Crazy Doors

They have been turning heads since the original concept plans and they continue to do so as we near the first deliveries of the Tesla Model X. With a “Back to the Future” vibe, the new Tesla SUV will flaunt falcon doors that rise above the vehicle rather than pivoting outward.

Although potential buyers may have preliminary fears that upward-swinging doors would cause a problem in tight places, the Model X doors are said to be able to open wherever the vehicle is able to park. To do so, the double-hinged falcon doors come equipped with sensors that will stop the doors from opening further if there is an object in their path. In fact, the flashy doors will be more advantageous to the SUV than normal doors.

According to Tesla Motors, the Model X doors will allow for step-in access to the second and third rows of the vehicle. This means that, when the doors are fully raised, passengers will be able to stand up as they enter the Model X, rather than shimmying in sideways or backing into the third row.


Whether people are interested in the electric power, the dual-motor all-wheel drive, those crazy falcon doors or everything put together, the Tesla Model X is already popular and has been for two years. In fact, with a $5,000 reservation payment required, the Model X had already racked up $40 million in reservations by this time in 2012.

As of this year, there have been approximately 9,500 pre-orders for the Model X with approximately 1,400 pre-orders for the Model X Signature, which costs $40,000 to reserve. If you pay to reserve the Model X or Model X Signature today, Tesla has an estimated delivery time of 2015. While Tesla is inviting other major manufacturers to join them in the electric-powered vehicle market for the sake of creating a better environment, there is no doubt that Tesla is at the forefront of the gasoline-free domain with so much anticipation for the Model X.

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