Top 10 Automotive and Car Bloggers / Writers You Need to be Reading

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Let’s be honest — there are so many people who claim to be car bloggers that it can be hard to separate the legitimate writers from the weekend warriors. Worry not, dear reader — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to separate the wheat from the chaff to help you find the best car bloggers on the ‘net right now. We may even crown one blogger as the Best Car Blogger of 2017, but you’ll have to read on to find out who might claim that honor.

10. Kristen Cline — Grease Girl

Who says girls don’t work on cars? Kristen Cline is the mind behind Grease Girl, a classic car restoration blog she started after she picked up a 1955 Studebaker to restore and turn into a daily driver. Her blog is full of fantastic posts on project cars, DIY how-tos and even some fun photos she’s taken as she drives her beloved Studebaker up and down the California coastline.  This is primarily a one-person blog, but that doesn’t stop Cline from filling up her pages with awesome content.

9. James Bachici — The BMW Blog

James Bachici is just one of the minds behind the BMW Blog, but as the site’s senior writer, he’s definitely got his fingers in all the BMW-shaped pies. This blog is one of the biggest names when it comes to BMW information — but surprisingly, it’s not officially affiliated with BMW. In spite of this, it still has a reputation as one of the most accurate sources of BMW information on the Web, and you’ll often find it cited in other car blogs and media reports. In addition to giving us all the best info on new BMWs, Bachici works for Microsoft as a video game tester, helping improve games like Halo — if that’s even possible.

8. Brian Lohnes & Chad Reynolds — BANGshift

Lovingly described as the “Car Junkie Daily Magazine,” BANGshift, headed by Brian Lohnes and Chad Reynolds, is one of the most active car blogs on the Web right now, filled with everything from mind-blowing videos to DIY instructions and how-tos to help you get your new project car on the road. This blog has been online for five years now, and while it does occasionally host posts from guest bloggers, Lohnes and Reynolds create and publish most of the content. These two easily rank among the best car writers on the Internet right now. If you need a daily dose of car-related articles, make sure you check out BANGshift.

7. Dhina Darshna Maniam — Car Blog Malaysia

Let’s explore the Asian car market for a bit, with Car Blog Malaysia. Dhina Darshna Maniam writes from his home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He provides a unique look at the world of cars on the opposite side of the world from most of us, and fills his blog with everything from car maintenance to history. He’s even got a few games taking up space on that blog as well, which is a fun way to pass the time. Don’t pass this blog over just because the writer isn’t based in the U.S. — you’ll be surprised how much you can learn about your favorite cars by looking at them from a new point of view.

6. Elayne Kling — Don’t Get Wrenched

Elayne King is another awesome car blogger. Kling owned a repair shop in downtown Manhattan for more than 25 years and has put all that experience to good use in her blog. She created Don’t Get Wrenched primarily for women, to inspire her gender to have more confidence when it comes to car repairs, but this isn’t a no-boys-allowed blog — it’s got tips and tricks for everyone who is looking to save money and feel more confident working on their cars. She’s also picked up more than a few Best Blog awards over the past couple of years, in case you needed any more encouragement to go check out this awesome site.

5. Mark Simons — Rolf’s Import Auto Service

This might not be the snazziest blog, but don’t let the cover fool you — Rolf’s Import Auto Service blog is one of the best resources for information about keeping your favorite imported car running smoothly. Head writer Mark Simons named the blog and its related business after his father, and he focuses primarily on tips and tricks for keeping your imports going. With Christmas coming up, he’s even got some ideas for stocking stuffers for your favorite car lovers.

4. Frank Mares — The Amberlight Garage

Most people have one or two hobbies they spend a lot of time on. For Frank Mares, the mind behind the Amberlight Garage, those two hobbies are cars and photography — and they go well together. Mares got his first car, and his first camera, back when he was 14. He took plenty of pictures of that 1961 Triumph Spitfire with his 35mm Argus camera…and the rest is history. The Amberlight Garage has been online since 2008, and is a treasure trove of phenomenal information about everything from repair and restoration to car photography, and even Mares’ opinions on the automotive industry.

3. Keith Cornett — Corvette Blogger

If you’re looking for Corvette news, chances are you’ve read Keith Cornett’s site, Corvette Blogger. He has all the latest Corvette info, plus a ton of great stuff on classics and history. He has quite a bit of his own Corvette history, growing up with his dad’s ’66 convertible. I’ve written a few stories for Keith and he’s super nice and easy to work with.

2. Joe Sherlock — The View Through the Windshield

This blog, online since 2004, is a fantastic place to stop if you love cars as much as Joe Sherlock. He’s liked cars since he was too small to see over the steering wheel, though he did drive his first car at 13. It might not be the most user-friendly blog — there are lots and lots of pages of information to scroll through — but there’s a reason Sherlock is one of the most popular car bloggers on the Web right now. His background in mechanical engineering gives him a unique perspective on a lot of new car innovations.

1:  Jesse Bowers – Just a Car Guy

This guy is super confusing to me. He just has a blogspot domain, Just a Car Guy. He has no advertising that I can see, and the one time I emailed him a few years ago saying I was a long-time fan he replied “Prove it.”

And yet, he has an insanely huge library of incredible car posts. I mean… massively huge. I don’t know how the guy has time to do anything else. In one week in October, he posted 161 times. 161! In 2016 he posted 4723 times and is on track to beat it this year.

Most of this stuff is about classics, rare cars and history. There’s a lot of cool black-and-white photography, super obscure car parts and memorabilia. There are a few news stories thrown in, some opinion pieces, things that readers send in, and pictures from events. He also covers more than cars, posting about trains, planes, and anything involving the military. It’s an absolutely fascinating blog that you can easily get lost in for hours.

Major props to Jesse for posting as much cool stuff as he does. His blog is worth a follow.

The Best Car Bloggers on the Web

If you’re looking for the best car bloggers on the web, hopefully this makes your search a little easier. If we’ve missed your favorite blog or your favorite funny car blogger, let us know in the comments — we’re always looking for new blogs to call our favorite!  As to the title of Best Car Blogger of 2018 — check back at the end of the year! All these bloggers are so good — and they represent a small fraction of the amazing bloggers on the internet right now. Who do you think deserves the crown?

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