Which is Better, Ford Trucks or Chevy Trucks?

Chevy truck grill closeup

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Which would you choose, a Ford truck or a Chevy truck? Everyone has their own favorite type of truck, and your choice depends on a variety of factors – facts, personal experiences and impressions included. If your grandfather always drove a Ford, you probably don’t care to hear how well a Chevy runs.

The rivalry between these two types of cars runs so deep that there was even a video game created back in 2005 called Ford vs. Chevy. The goal was to race virtually with friends and determine which vehicle was fastest and most powerful. Players could choose from almost 50 different Ford and Chevrolet models!

Someone examined this age-old rivalry and it looks like we finally have answers. Check out this incredible infographic from CJ Pony Parts that compares Ford and Chevy trucks:

ford vs chevy trucks

Source: CJ Pony Parts

According to this infographic, Ford wins every time. It has a more powerful engine, can haul more weight and consists of sturdier materials. What do you think? Did they leave any questions unanswered or make any claims you don’t agree with?

Another question to consider might be, “Why do you want a truck in the first place?” While some guys invest in a truck because they need it to haul equipment or go hunting, others simply want the status and feeling of freedom that comes from driving a large and powerful vehicle. In that case, it’s up to you which type of truck you prefer.

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