Who Owns a Ferrari? 5 Celebrities With Prancing Horses

Oct 19, 2022

red ferrari car

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Ferrari is among the most popular car manufacturers in the world. People laud these Italian sports cars as some of the most luxurious vehicles you’ll see on the street. They’re a favorite of athletes, music artists and other wealthy public figures. But who actually owns a Ferrari?

1. Charles LeClerc

Ferrari has been a mainstay in Formula One (F1) for decades, and the manufacturer boasts the most Constructors’ Championships at 16. Their last one came in 2008, thanks to solid seasons by Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa that year. After a few down years, Ferrari seems to have found its groove again, with drivers Charles LeClerc and Carlos Sainz earning victories in the 2022 season. LeClerc won the season opener in Bahrain and has scored two more victories since then.

LeClerc drives Ferrari on the streets of F1 races, and he owns cars for his collection. He has a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider customized with racing stripes representing his home country of Monaco. This tiny nation sits near the border of France and Italy. If you travel to Monaco, spotting a Ferrari may be commonplace, considering the nation’s wealth. Almost one-third of its 38,000 residents are millionaires.

2. Kobe Bryant

The late, great Kobe Bryant was one of those athletes who defined a generation. He came into the NBA as other greats like Michael Jordan were on their way out, and it didn’t take him long to make his presence known. Although you may know him for his stellar basketball career with five NBA championships, the Black Mamba also loved Ferrari.

Bryant has a special connection to the manufacturer because he grew up in Italy. His family moved there when Bryant was six years old, and he became fluent in Italian. In 2012, Bryant bought a Ferrari 458 Italia. This model has over 560 horsepower and a 4.5-liter V8 engine. The car’s power and speed matched Bryant’s tenacity when he played on the basketball court.

3. LeBron James

Bryant and LeBron James have a few things in common, including their love for basketball and Ferraris. James has a vast collection of luxury vehicles, including a Lamborghini, a Mercedes-Maybach, a Rolls-Royce Phantom and multiple Ferraris. In 2022, James became the first active NBA player to reach billionaire status, making him one of the wealthiest athletes who owns a Ferrari.

The kid from Akron has three Ferrari models in his collection, including a Ferrari 599 he bought for his birthday in 2009. The second prancing horse is a Ferrari 458 spider with a V8 engine. And the last one is a Ferrari F430, with a top speed of 195 miles per hour.

4. David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the most notable football players to step on the field. His 20-year career found success in the United Kingdom, Spain, France and the United States. His net worth sits around $450 million, and some of that wealth includes his vast car collection. 

In the 1990s, Beckham became a British icon with his partner, Victoria, who became famous because of the Spice Girls. During this time, Victoria bought David a silver 550 Maranello as a Christmas gift. This Ferrari model has a 5.5-liter V12 engine with a powerful 485 horsepower. Beckham also owns cars from Porsche, McLaren and Lamborghini. The football superstar loves his luxury cars and has quite a taste for these vehicles.

5. Drake

Athletes love sports cars, and so do musicians. Drake is one of the most successful recording artists of the modern era. In fact, Drake was the most popular artist on Spotify in the 2010s. The founder of OvO often references luxury sports cars in his music, Ferrari included. In the song “4 p.m. in Calabasas,” Drake says, “Green white and red on my body cause I’m dipped in Ferrari.”This lyric holds, looking at his car collection.

Drake owns a 2015 LaFerrari with a reported price tag of $3.5 million on average for that model. His car has a yellow paint scheme known as Giallo Moderna. Ferrari only made 500 of these cars, and Drizzy has one of them. You can see it in his music videos for songs like “I’m Upset.” Drake even had a replicate inflatable of his Ferrari at his concerts a few years ago, showing off his Prancing Horse pride.

Who Owns a Ferrari? The Rich and Famous

These Italian sports cars have been a favorite of car collectors and celebrities for decades. The Ferrari name contributes significantly to its value, and the vehicles speak for themselves. If you can get a Ferrari, you’ll join an elite company with these five celebrities who own a Ferrari.

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