Why Every Car Lover Should Visit Michigan

A lit up city in Michigan

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Michigan might not hold a spot on your list of places to see before you die, but if you’re a car lover it should make the list. Detroit, Michigan is one of the biggest car-producing cities in the country. Let’s take a closer look at why you should add Michigan to your next road trip if you’re an automotive enthusiast.

The North American International Auto Show

If you’re in Michigan in January, you should stop in at the North American International Auto Show — especially if the leading edge of automotive technology interests you. For two weeks at the beginning of the year, all of the biggest car manufacturers get together and showcase their new models for the coming year, new concepts and technological advances. You don’t have to attend for the entire two weeks but no matter what day you visit, you’re in for a treat.

GM Renaissance Center

Ford isn’t the only big name in Detroit when it comes to automotive technology. The GM Renaissance Center gives way to a ton of options, from shopping to dining and even entertainment, all while focusing on GM and it’s related brands. You can explore GM brand car displays, enjoy remarkable video presentations and interactive experiences, pick up a few souvenirs and have lunch, all in the GMRenCen.

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

If you visit nowhere else in Michigan while visiting, make it a point to stop at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Ford created the first readily available consumer automobile, the Model T, and the brand has continued that tradition of innovation — all of which is showcased in this amazing museum. Look into the past, the future, the present or even the cars of pop culture, all under one roof.

The Automotive Hall of Fame

Rock and roll has a Hall of Fame, Hollywood has the Walk of Fame and the automotive industry has the Automotive Hall of Fame. This attraction sits across the parking lot from the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and showcases all of the amazing men and women who made the industry what it is today. They have a number of permanent exhibits as well as traveling ones so you’ll never see the same Hall of Fame twice.

Detroit Historical Museum

Detroit is the home of many iconic car brands, and they’ve all been there for decades. The Detroit Historical Museum is a great way to take a trip back in time to see how the automotive industry has shaped and changed the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan. They have a number of different permanent exhibitions and rotating exhibits so you can visit the museum a dozen times and always see something different.

Add Them To Your Bucket List

After reading this, if you’ll be in Michigan sometime this year, consider adding one or all of these stops to your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed, and the car lover in your life will be in automotive heaven.

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