Why June Is the Best Month If You Love Cars

a car on an empty road in summer

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Ask any car lover whether they’d rather be driving with winter tires or summer tires on their car, and you’re sure to get the same response every time. When the sun is out and roads are warm, it’s motoring weather. As the official start of summer, June marks the beginning of 100 days of driving joy — maybe a few less for East Coast types.

June is a great month to be a car aficionado, and not just for those obvious reasons. The car universe goes crazy in June with exciting events. Not only can you enjoy getting out for a spin in your own ride, but NASCAR fans get the added perk of the Coke 400 on the first day of the month.

The Best Car for Summer Is the One in Your Garage

This month, it’s time to give your weekend warrior some TLC and get out on the road. The nice weather and longer days mean plenty of opportunities to throw a quick wash on your car before you hit the road.

Many auto clubs are very active during June, holding events like car shows, gymkhanas and autocross. Why not get out and make some new gearhead friends? Consult the car show nationals website to find an event near you. There’s something here for every scene, whether you’re a lowrider fan or more into imports.

Cars Are Cheap in June!

As the mercury rises, automakers know buyers are looking for a deal. That means some of the best promotions you’ll find come in the month of June. Don’t take the first deal they throw at you, either —   you can always haggle for a few extra dollars off that sticker.

This year is particularly special because it’s not just new cars that are affordable. At the moment, there’s a surplus of late-model cars available on the resale market. That means you can pick one up for a nice low figure and drive away with the latest and greatest in technology, and maybe even a warranty.

Project Time

Another benefit of the year’s sixth month is that you can take advantage of warm evenings to tackle those outstanding projects. Because June is National Garage Door Safety Month, you might want to take one of those evenings to check the light sensors and springs on your door. The importance of a working door can’t be understated when it comes to providing ventilation and keeping thieves out, not falling on your ride.

June Is Great for Cars

Whether you’ve been waiting to perform a routine oil change, or have something more in-depth planned —  like finally mounting that new set of headers — June is the perfect time. The dry weather makes a great environment for cosmetic changes, and you can even work in the driveway if you haven’t got an enclosed space.

There’s probably a Subaru fan out there somewhere cursing the warm weather, wishing he still had studs on his tires. Even he’s secretly happy it’s June, though.

This weekend, take proper advantage of summer and get some heat in those tires!

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