Skully, the “World’s Smartest Helmet,” has Rearview Camera, GPS, Heads-Up Display | UPDATED


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It was just the other day that I tweeted that I’d be interested in Google Glass if it had a camera on the ear piece that pointed backwards. Think of how great it would be to have eyes behind your head. You could see if someone was sneaking up on you or if someone was checking you out as you walked past (even if that might not happen as often as you’d like). But even better would be a rearview camera built into your motorcycle helmet.

The folks at Skully have made that a reality with what they’re calling the “World’s Smartest Helmet.” In addition to the camera check out these slick features on Skully helmets:

  • Heads-up display that’s supposed to be always in focus with transparent display.
  • GPS navigation. No more rigs that look like they could fall off at any moment.
  • Scratch, glare, and fog resistant visor with a quick release chin strap.
  • Bluetooth connection with internet and phone.
  • Air-syncs software updates.
  • Plenty of sizes to choose from with custom padding inserts available.
  • Streaming music.
  • Hands-free calling.
skully helmets diagram

Is this the future of helmets? Co –founders/brothers Marcus and Mitchell Weller seem to think so. Of course, any time there’s new technology there’s going to be plenty of safety questions, with a lot of people wondering if the display will obstruction vision.

They answer it clearly from their site:

“No. The transparent display is positioned outside the rider’s primary field of view and appears to float in the distance. This means you can see the road ahead without any obstruction from the display. This display system simplifies the riding experience because you no longer need to take your eyes off the road to see what is around you or to find your route. With our optical technology, the display is always in focus no matter where you look, allowing instant comprehension of the information.”

When I first saw the Skully, I thought I had to have one right away. But then Reddit user BickNilnko offered an opinion that I hadn’t even thought of. He said:

“There is no way in hell that I would want to be bothered by my electronic leash while I’m on my motorcycle. I sit in front of a computer for 8-10 hours a day and have to carry one around in my pocket for the rest of my waking hours, no way I want one stuck to my face while I’m decompressing on the weekend or on the ride home from work. Riding a motorcycle is the perfect excuse not to have to answer phone calls, texts, emails and whatever else your device is constantly yelling at you to do.”

Ah, technology sure is a double edged sword. Still, I can’t wait to see what people think when the Skully officially becomes available.

Update: Skully Helmets Not Dead Yet

A LOT has happened since this article was originally published. First, they raised an astonishing 2.5 MILLION dollars. Yay! Then they spent a lot of that on strippers and cars. Uh oh. And finally, they went belly up.

But good news! They seem to be back from the dead and will have brand new Skully helmets available in the summer 2018. Hopefully this time, it stays.

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