Clear the Clutter: Your Garage Doesn’t Have to Be a Mess

organized garage wall free of clutter

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Owning a home with a garage is immensely practical, and it’s something many city-dwellers wish they could enjoy. The space to park a car that’s safe from the elements, store your tools and toys, and carry out any number of DIY projects is a welcome addition to any living space. Not all garage owners enjoy these perks the way they should, though.

The reason for this is simple: Garages have a way of getting filled up with clutter. The luxury of extra space quickly becomes unappreciated, and instead of maximizing your garage’s practicality, you just take advantage of it. Don’t be that guy. Take your garage back!

Clear Garage Clutter for Projects

A clutter-strewn garage is a letdown for so many reasons, not the least of which is that you don’t have space for projects. That means things never get done, or worse, you end up paying someone to do work for you. Also, it’s a much better place to park your car than out on the street.

To avoid this unhappy situation, take a Sunday and go through the clutter in your garage. Do you need it all? Can you store what you need more efficiently? Chances are, you can win back lots of space by throwing out trash and organizing items you want. Pegboard, shelving and cabinets can all be added at little cost to help increase the storage capacity of your garage, and you’ll never have trouble finding things again.

Put Everything in Its Place

With your storage maximized, it’s time to decide where things will go. You don’t want the clean rags you use to wax your car stored next to weed killer, because there’s too much chance of things mixing and the results could be awful. This is why you should designate portions of the garage for different items.

Group together your small tools and organize them in a cabinet. Hang hand tools from the pegboard and use small storage cubbies for things like electrical fittings. For yard equipment, a cheap plastic trash can makes a great receptacle for tall items like rakes and shovels. Pick a shelf separate from where other items are kept to store things like fertilizer and insect killer.

An overhead compartment can easily be added to most garages. This is a great way to add storage if you have very large items, or have simply run out of space. For example, a set of kayaks that would be awkward and clutter up space just about anywhere else will be right at home overhead.

Add a Workbench

A workbench is a great addition to any garage and provides you with a designated space for small projects that will keep them from spreading out into other parts of the room. When building a bench, consider the height and material you’ll need. You want to be able to stand or sit on a barstool while working, and the bench should be sturdy enough to take some serious force. For extra points, mount a vice and additional shelving.

Make The Garage Yours

With the basics out of the way, you can really have some fun. Many garages have been customized to the point that they’re not just a workspace, but are also a great place to hang out. Maybe you’d like to lay down some epoxy to seal the floor, add a custom door and ventilation, or install a mini-fridge. The possibilities are endless.

When you stop thinking about your garage as a throwaway space for clutter and begin to view it as a legitimate room in your home, you’ll realize just how useful it can be. You paid for the space, so why not put a little effort into it, clear things out and enjoy your space all that much more? Trust us, it’s the right call.

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