Equip: 12 Hair Care Essentials, Week of October 5th

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Taking good care of your hair can do a lot for your confidence, appearance and overall comfort. From the hair on your face to the hair on your head, you can account for all your hair needs like a total pro when you stock yourself with the right hair care essentials.

If you’re a total beginner to shaving or implementing a hair care routine, this is the perfect place to begin. From products to tools, you can find exactly what works for you.

1. Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner

You might be asking yourself what could be so special about a shampoo and conditioner, and the answer is certainly more than meets the eye. A person can’t just survive on bare-bones shampoo and conditioner. You need something tailored to your texture, length and goals. Luckily, Function of Beauty makes custom shampoo and conditioner blended specifically for you, with your name printed on the bottle and everything.

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2. Venture Hair Cutting Shear

If you have hair on the longer side, you may not need a pair of clippers to tackle a home cut. Instead, investing in a quality pair of hair cutting shears can make your life so much easier. When you’re going for a haircut of your own, ask a friend to help handle the shears and go at it together for a clean, fun look.

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3. Wahl Corded Hair Clipper

Basic, sturdy, affordable and long lasting hair clippers can sometimes be difficult to stumble upon. But this Wahl clipper encompasses so many of the basic needs of mens’ haircuts. With an array of detachable heads and quality blade, this clipper can work on just about any hair you need it to.

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4. PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer

If you’re looking for a sturdy, quality beard trimmer to really last you, this trimmer from The Beard Club could be the perfect fit. Between the quality blades, charging base and the array of trimmer heads, you can get the exact length you’re looking for.

Get it from The Beard Club

5. Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

Nobody has the time to wash their hair every single day, and according to most experts, you shouldn’t, anyway. That’s why this natural, clean smelling dry shampoo will revolutionize your travel bag, your no-wash days and your occasional lazy mornings.

Get it from Not Your Mother’s

6. Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

If you’ve never invested in a quality brush before, you might be in for a total treat with this one. This comfortable, close-bristle brush is sturdy and long lasting, sure to make your hair silkier and healthier than ever before.

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7. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Fiber Cream

While you may be brand new to the magical world of hair styling products, this one is easy to get down pat. As opposed to a gel or spray, a cream helps to shape and hydrate your hair so it keeps healthy and smooth as it grows out and gets restyled day after day.

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8. Lush Hair Doctor Hot Oil Treatment

Healthy hair and healthy roots begin at the very base — the scalp. Hot oil treatments like Hair Doctor from Lush help to keep your hair and your scalp healthy and hydrated as it continues to grow.

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9. Harry’s Winston Razor

Whether you’re cleaning up loose ends or getting a closer shave on your face, you need a quality razor with sharp, sturdy blades. Harry’s offers sleek razors like the Winston that are sure to last.

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10. Hand Crafted Large Daily Comb

Shorter hair is often best handled using a sturdy, quality comb. This large comb has a comfortable handle and thick teeth, perfect for keeping soft, smooth hair well groomed.

Get it from Baxter of California

11. Lush Honey Shampoo Bar

If you tend to sway more on the natural side of things, a shampoo bar could be just what you need to wash your hair thoroughly and naturally. All natural ingredients, great for travel, sweet smelling and totally zero waste, this Lush shampoo bar hits pretty much all the bases.

Get it from Lush

12. Krieger and Sohne Styling Wax

Styling wax is like the soft, sophisticated cousin to gel or spray. While it holds your hair in place and keeps it looking sleek all day long, it won’t dehydrate or or stiffen your locks. This styling wax can work for any texture or style you need.

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Stepping Into Self Care

Hair care is about so much more than aesthetics. It’s about feeling good, smelling great and caring for your body like you deserve. Once you find a routine and get these hair care essentials, you’ll experience self-care like never before.

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