Equip: 12 Skateboarding Essentials, Week of August 3rd

A skateboarder pulling off a trick

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If you skate, you know there are a ton of options when it comes to skateboarding essentials. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to try something new, there’s so much out there to explore. Even if you have some favorites, there’s no harm in trying something different from time to time.

The next time you’re in the mood to shop, keeping an eye out for the 12 items below.

1. Old Skool Vans

There’s a reason why so many skaters love these shoes. They’re comfortable, stylish and long lasting — perfect for learning to skate or for a long time staple.

Get it from Vans

2. Nike SB Chron

Nike SB skate shoes are also among fan favorites. They’re agile, light and comfortable, making them perfect for the park or the street.

Get it from Tillys

3. Enjoi Early 90s Deck

If you’re looking for a simple skate deck to put your set together, this Enjoi deck is perfect. It comes in a standard 8.0 size, and it’s reasonable in price, which makes it great for beginners on the hunt for their first deck.

Get it from Tactics

4. Madness Sam Porque Beckett Deck

The design on this deck is unique and intriguing, and its classic shape and structure keeps it tidy for all your skating needs. If you’re looking for something with a fun design, this could be for you.

Get it from Thank You Supply

5. Chocolate Tershy Taxi Deck

This board is a bit wider in an 8.5, and its vintage features make it a super fun and stylish option for those looking to cruise around and get from place to place with ease.

Get it from Zumiez

6. Independent 109 Stage 11 Silver Trucks

Would a skateboard essentials list be complete without Independent trucks? These are the classic, basic trucks that everybody loves, perfect for getting started or setting up a new board.

Get it from Tactics

7. Krux Standard Trucks

These trucks are basic, affordable, and great for a new board. Whether you’re starting out or simply setting up something new, these can be great to get rolling.

Get it from Tactics

8. Braille Skate Tool

If you don’t have a skate tool, you need one. Luckily enough, Braille has a basic skate tool that gets the job done as well as any other. We all hate being the guy who has to ask around for the tool at the park when a truck needs just a little bit of tweaking. Be the guy who has your own.

Get it from Braille

9. Spitfire OG Classic Wheels

These wheels are both basic and sturdy, perfect for those who are just starting out or veteran skaters who are looking to toss on a fresh set of wheels. They’re classic — as the name implies — and they’re affordable. They get the job done.

Get it from Skate Warehouse

10. Spitfire Formula Four Classic Wheels

Similar to the classic Spitfire wheels, these are a bit of a step up for skaters looking to try something a little different. While it’s really up to preference, these are another option to add to your list. Just like the classics, they’re affordable and certainly get the job done.

Get it from Tactics

11. Braille Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

Especially if you’re skating bigger tricks and spots, chances are you might need a helmet. Even if you’re new to skating and you’re doing more than gentle cruising, it would serve you well to have a helmet on hand. This one is great for all purposes — it’s protective, basic and functional.

Get it from Braille

12. Pro-Tec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set

If you’re in need of padding, perhaps for more intense skate spots or for protection if you’re a beginner, this set has everything you need. The elbow pads and knee pads work well, offering protection and comfort for all those vulnerable places that always get banged up at the park. Kiss those bruises goodbye.

Get it from Zumiez

Skate On, Skater

From your shoes to your deck to your wheels, there are so many gear options to choose from the next time you’re on the hunt for new skate essentials. You can choose to mix it up or keep it classic — whatever helps. 

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