Equip: 12 WFH Essentials, Week of August 10th

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Maximize your WFH productivity by designing an area custom-fit for your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have only a corner of the living room or a full closed-door room awaiting you at the end of your “commute.” The 12 WFH essentials below will have you working in style.

1. Ikea Alex Work Desk 

If you need a sleek style that won’t clash with your other furnishings, turn to the Alex desk from Ikea. This model features a finished back, so it’s equally at home in the center of your room as it is tucked along a wall. With no drawers to bang against, your legs will stay bruise-free — you can even tuck your giant multifunction printer underneath. 

Get it from Ikea 

2. Crosby Schoolhouse Desk Lamp 

When you burn the midnight oil — or work in a dim room — you need to shine a little light without giving yourself a headache from glare. The Crosby Schoolhouse desk lamp lets you direct a beam at your expense report without making it impossible for your 4-year-old to watch “Dora the Explorer” while you prepare for a budget meeting.  

Get it from Target 

3. Lorell Accord Series Mid-Back Fabric Task Chair 

If you sit a lot, you can develop lower back pain from a chair that doesn’t suit you. The Lorell Accord Series Mid-Back Fabric Task chair provides ergonomic lumbar support without breaking the bank or maxing your credit card. 

Get it from Office Depot

4. Jetpack MiFi 6620L Mobile Hotspot

If your internet ever conked out during a vital client presentation, you know the detrimental effect of unreliable service on your business. A mobile hotspot amplifies connection speed far faster than tethering your cellphone and hoping for the best. Don’t lose the sale that you worked hard to close when your signal drops, especially if you live in a rural area. 

Get it from Verizon

5. Apple AirPods Pro 

Are these suckers pricey? Yeah. But if you have to focus in the same room where your 11-year-old is listening to a live video lecture, you owe it to your productivity to drown out the distraction. These noise-canceling headphones let you stream calming melodies and drown out the din of your next-door neighbors fighting. 

Get it from Best Buy

6. TIJN Blue Light-Cutting Glasses 

If you get migraines, long hours at the computer can leave you curled up in a darkened room. Avoid the pain with a pair of blue light-cutting glasses. These TIJN models feature a square nerdy design — you’ll look adorably intellectual as you finish each task. 

Get it from Amazon

7. Airfloat Gallery White Frames With Double Mat

What are you working for, anyway? Maybe you’re saving up to take a month off and tour the country, or perhaps you live for your twin toddlers. Inspire your productivity and remind yourself of your goals by framing photographs as reminders and keeping them in your workspace. 

Get it from Michael’s

8. Limitless CD for Background Music

There’s nothing like the Native American flute to both soothe and inspire you. This CD offers a modern, yet primitive, remixes of classics like “Shape of My Heart.” Without vocals to distract you, the melody carries you to closing time. 

Get it from Jonny Lipford Music

9. PureGuardian Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser 

Did you know that fragrances like orange and jasmine invigorate your senses and may boost productivity? Put the theory to the test with this aromatherapy oil diffuser that will make your WFH space the most “scent-sational” one in the house. 

Get it from Walgreens

10. “Oliver” Men’s Black Blazer

Your boss calls an impromptu Zoom meeting, and you’re in your undershirt — how unprofessional. You could look antisocial by turning off your camera or keep this stylish blazer hanging over your chair’s back. Slide it on in seconds and smooth down your cowlick to appear polished instantly. 

Get it from Uniforms In Stock 

11. Braided Benjamina Ficus Tree

Houseplants help to clear the air of mold, toxins and germs. In the age of COVID-19, anything that provides purification is a welcome addition, and a braided ficus requires little maintenance.

Get it from Fast Growing Trees 

12. Desktop Golf

Hey, everyone needs a break sometimes! However, a social media discussion can eat up an entire afternoon — then you get stuck burning the midnight oil. Instead of scrolling, hit a few rounds at par or under before getting back to work. 

Get it from Uncommon Goods 

Stock Your Home Office With These WFH Essentials 

Working from home means becoming the master of your space. Make it unique to your taste and style with the above products. 

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