Equip: 12 Essentials for Ice Fishermen, Week of December 14th

Ice fishing hole

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The holidays are here — it’s time to find the perfect gift for the ice fisherman in your life. Maybe you’re planning on rewarding yourself for making it through an unprecedented year. Either way, this guide has you covered. Here are 12 novel and interesting essentials for ice fishermen, whether you’re shopping for a loved one or doing a little for-me-from-me.

1. Eagle Claw Ice Safety Picks

When you’re on the ice, safety is your number one priority. Hypothermia can quickly kill when you are cold and wet. If you do fall through, you need a way to climb out, but getting a grip on slick ice can prove impossible. These gadgets give you the leverage you need to hoist yourself to safety. Please don’t risk crossing the ice without them – they are truly essentials for ice fishermen.

Get it from Eagle Claw

2. Fraball Accessory Hanger

When you go ice fishing, you need a convenient place to keep all your gear. Anyone who’s ever panic-searched their tent for a lost pair of goggles knows how frustrating it can be, especially if you like to get going before sunrise. This clever Fraball accessory hanger keeps everything from your picks to your coat within arm’s reach.

Get it from Fraball

3. Go-Fish Underwater Fishing Camera

You can’t swim below the ice to see where the fish are biting — or can you? Empower yourself with a GoFish underwater fishing camera, and you can choose your hole with confidence. Plus, if you homeschool your little one, imagine how fun it would be to let them observe life under the ice as part of a science project.

Get it from GoFish

4. Acme Kastmaster Rattle Master Bait

Your bait is crucial to your success in your fishing mission. You can’t go wrong with the classic lines and styling of the Acme Kastmaster Rattle master bait. Why improve on perfection when you can go with the tried-and-true and bring in a mighty haul?

Get it from Acme Tackle Company

5. Plusinno Rod-and-Reel Combo

To catch fish any time of year, you need the right rod and reel. You need to feel at one with your equipment — otherwise, how will you know when you get a bite? You can’t go wrong with a Plusinno rod-and-reel combo that will soon become your go-to both on and off the ice.

Get it from Plusinno

6. Eskimo Portable Shelter

When you head out to the wilds, you need a place to get warm, especially if you end up getting wet. You might not have time to make it back to your vehicle once hypothermia sets in, and forget sleeping under the stars this time of year. An Eskimo portable shelter provides the cover you need to stay safe.

Get it from Eskimo

7. Land’s End Insulated Jacket

When you head out, keeping your chest well-insulated might help you to stave off pneumonia. It will make you feel cozy — and therefore, increase your enjoyment of your trip. With over 50 years in business, you know that Land’s End offers unprecedented quality and warmth.

Get it from Land’s End

8. Muck Arctic Pro-Camo Boots

Your feet are two of your biggest assets in the wild. You need to keep them warm and dry when mucking through snow and ice. These Muck Arctic Pro-Camo boots keep the snowmelt from soaking your socks. Dry tootsies will carry you back to civilization with a smile on your face.

Get it from Muck Boot Company

9. Wild River Tackle Backpack

You need a tackle box, and you don’t get much more deluxe or convenient than this Wild River model. With LED lights, you’ll find just the bait and hook you need, even in the early morning darkness. Plus, the convenient backpack styling means you keep your hands free for noshing on a granola bar.

Get it from Sail

10. Homestead Snackle Box

What fun is an ice-fishing expedition without snacks? Take a six-pack and sandwiches in this beauty from The North Face, a premier retailer of outdoor gear. While you won’t have to worry about keeping your brewskis cold in winter, the insulation makes this model ideal for summer use, too.

Get it from The North Face

11. Outdoor Canada Subscription

When you aren’t on the ice, you’re dreaming of getting out there. Indulge your passion with a subscription to Outdoor Canada, home to some of the most informative ice fishing articles you’ll find anywhere.

Get it from OutdoorCanada.ca

12. Airline Travel Gift Card for Their Next Adventure

Travel is expensive even when pandemic bargains abound. Help that special someone on your list fund their next getaway. You can choose nearly any size gift, from $5 to $5000.

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Gone (Ice) Fishing

This holiday season, give these 12 novel and interesting essentials for ice fishermen to the enthusiast on your list. If that’s you, hey, it’s okay to spoil yourself.

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