Equip: 12 Essentials for Meal-Prepping, Week of May 23rd

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Meal-prepping is a highly effective strategy for long-term dieting. Preparing food in large quantities lets you stick to a healthy eating plan all week without any hiccups or extra stress. Here are 12 essentials for meal-prepping that will help you follow your routine.

1. Pyrex 10-Piece Glass Food Container Set

Aside from the food itself, containers are the key essentials for meal-prepping. That’s why you should ditch the plastic Tupperware and go with a high-quality glass set from Pyrex. Glass is more sanitary than plastic and will keep your food fresh for longer periods. This kit also has multiple containers for all meal sizes.

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2. Cornucopia Brands Condiment Container

Condiments can be tricky for inexperienced meal preppers. You can carry your meals, but not ketchup and mustard bottles. This six-piece condiment container kit provides a solution. The receptacles are large enough to fit a healthy serving of your favorite sauces but small enough for easy storage and transportation.

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3. SimpleTaste Digital Food Scale

Many meal preppers weigh their food to track their portion sizes and macronutrients. This digital food scale from SimpleTaste has four load-sensors that accurately measure your meals in grams and ounces. Don’t let the price fool you — the stainless steel scale is built for the long haul and is easy to maintain.

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4. Zwilling Twin Kitchen Shears

Meal-prepping can be a lot of work, especially when you cut up chicken, steak, vegetables and other healthy foods every week. Instead of using a knife, make things quicker with Zwilling’s twin kitchen shears. The ice-hardened steel blades can cut through any food item you want and open food packages with ease.

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5. Instant Pot 7-in-1 Electric Cooker

Meal preppers cook their food in bulk and use all kinds of methods to make their meals taste better. This Instant Pot cooker helps with both tasks. It can pressure-cook, slow cook, make rice, steam, saute, reheat and sterilize. This device is one of the best essentials for meal-prepping you can invest in.

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6. Lodge Preseasoned Cast-Iron Skillet

Everyone needs a reliable stovetop pan for their meal prep, and Lodge’s preseasoned cast-iron skillet has everything you need. This centuries-old cooking device can bake, broil, braise, fry, sear or grill your favorite dinners. The pan distributes heat evenly across the surface, whether you use it on the stove, the grill or an open fire.

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7. Misen 7-Quart Enameled Dutch Oven

Meal-prepping tends to get repetitive and bland, but this Dutch oven can improve the taste and quality of your meals. Misen’s huge seven-quart option, which has four layers of premium enamel and a cast-iron core, is the perfect bulk-cooking device. You can prepare an entire week’s servings in one go.

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8. Nordic Ware Sheet Pans

Baking is often the easiest cooking method for meal preppers, especially when making large quantities of two staple foods: chicken and potatoes. Nordic Ware’s aluminum sheet pans are the perfect items for such occasions. The surface is 16-by-11 inches and produces evenly baked goods every time.

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9. Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Bulk cooking is great, but you also need to incorporate quick and convenient meals into your schedule. That’s where this food processor from Hamilton Beach comes in. It has a power output of 500 watts, so it can chop, slice and blend a wide variety of ingredients in seconds. Make your favorite protein shakes or prepare unique salads in no time. 

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10. New Star Foodservice Measuring Cups and Spoons

Precision is always required for cooking recipes, but it’s even more critical for meal preppers to track their daily macronutrient intake. This stainless steel measuring kit from New Star Foodservice will ensure consistent food preparation and ingredient quantities, whether you have to measure by cups or tablespoons. 

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11. Ateco Bowl Scraper

If you know the feeling of diet hunger, you’ve probably scraped your plates and bowls to get every last bite of food. No one blames you. Ateco created a flexible bowl scraper just for such purposes. Whether cooking or eating, you won’t have to worry about wasting ingredients again.

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12. Norpro Plastic Funnels

Kitchens can get messy during meal preps, so you need to use devices that help keep things clean. Norpro’s plastic funnels will prevent bottlenecks and spills as you cook, saving you valuable time and effort. These funnels are especially useful for adding protein powder and other powdered supplements to shakes and smoothies.

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Equip Yourself With These Essentials for Meal-Prepping

Meal-prepping isn’t easy, but it can be simple. These unique items let you cook, store and eat your foods more efficiently than ever before. Add them to your shopping list and equip yourself for a successful prep.

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