Equip: 12 Essentials for Pool Players, Week of July 11th

Pool balls.

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Before your next big game of pool with your friends, it’s time to level up your gear. Show off your love of the game and even improve your skills by checking out these essentials for pool players. You may not have some of these interesting and novel items that make the hobby so much more fun.

1. Q-Claw Pool Cue Holder

Q-Claw Pool Cue Holder

Sometimes people don’t have space for a fancy pool cue holder on their walls. You don’t have to hold onto your cue or feel limited to just one if you play in a smaller space. Attach the Q-Claw cue holder to a countertop or shelf and it’ll keep your cues safe while you’re focused on a game.

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2. Imperial Traditional Series Black Cue

Imperial Traditional Series Black Cue

Cheap cues break easily and may not have the right quality construction to ensure accurate strokes. The Imperial Traditional Series cue uses solid maple wood to take care of that problem. The seven-layer leather tip will outlast years of games, along with a speckled Irish linen wrap along the grip.

Get it for yourself or your partner and host an extra fun date night without leaving home. It’s also sturdy enough to travel if you want to play a game downtown or enter a competition.

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3. GSE Games & Sports Expert Carrying Case 

GSE Games & Sports Expert Carrying Case 

Every pool player deserves a case from GSE. It holds your stick within a sturdy enclosure, with a shoulder strap will keep you comfortable as you tote your favorite cues and any lucky accessories.

While your opponent unpacks their outdated carrying case, break out some impressive tequila and make a few mixed drinks to start the night. You could even carry it in your bag with the help of a flask.

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4. Magnetic Chalk Holder

Magnetic Chalk Holder

You’ll never lose your cue chalk again with a magnetic holder. It easily sticks to the fridge or mini fridge next to your pool table. It’s also 50% lighter than other metal holders, so it’ll never slide down to the floor and disappear beneath your fridge while you’re in a game.

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5. Cue Cube Shaper and Scuffer

Cue Cube Shaper and Scuffer

Cue scuffers aerate the tip of your cues so they hold the chalk more easily. With the Cue Cube shaper and scuffer in your pocket, you’ll get more accurate shots. It has an automatic radius that fluffs any tip material to consistently prevent miscues and reshape older cue tips as needed.

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6. IQIHUI Universal 8 Ball Shift Knob

IQIHUI Universal 8 Ball Shift Knob

Show off your love of the game by installing the IQIHUI 8 ball knob onto your gear shift. The universal fit guarantees that you can fit it to your car’s gear shift, no matter what model you drive.

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7. TROUFY Billiards Gloves

TROUFY Billiards Gloves

A TROUFY billiards glove increases any player’s game by helping your cue slide through your bridge hand without friction. If you’re struggling with cue drag, this could be the best item to improve your game.

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8. Tiger Microfiber Towel

Tiger Microfiber Towel

The Tiger microfiber pool towel will polish your cues before, during and after future games. It’s easy to clean in any washing machine and attaches to any case with the help of a handy clip.

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9. ADVPRO Neon Billiard Sign

ADVPRO Neon Billiard Sign

Accessorize your pool room with a neon billiard sign. It sets a fun mood for any game and might even match your current interior decorating style with the many colors offered by ADVPRO.

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10. Ballsak Pro Leather Cue Ball Case

Ballsak Pro Leather Cue Ball Case

Refine your sense of style by carrying your cue ball in a leather case. Ballsak’s leather case cushions cue balls in high-quality leather and comes with a clip to quickly attach it to your preferred carrying case.

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11. BEKZILY 300 Pool Table Cloth

BEKZILY 300 Pool Table Cloth

Do you want a different kind of cloth for your table? BEKZILY has a solution. It won’t interfere with your game because the material is well-made and the perfect fit for your table.

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12. Gameroom Accessories Pocket Marker

Gameroom Accessories Pocket Marker

Clarify which pocket you’re aiming for by placing a pocket marker by it. Although pool players use anything to mark their pockets, a specific marker can make the game more fun.

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Find the Essentials for Pool Players

These are some of the best essentials for pool players who want interesting and novel items for their favorite hobby. Consider what you don’t already own or what you’d like to upgrade to pick the best essentials before your next game.

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