Equip: Fire Pit Essentials, Week of July 27th


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Are you looking to enhance your summer evenings with some fire pit essentials?

Backyard campfires and summer go hand in hand. From toasting marshmallows to telling ghost stories, fires bring us together and keep us connected. Upgrade your fire pit this year and entertain even more people with these 12 fire pit essentials. 

1. GASPRO Reflective Tempered Fire Glass

you happen to have a an outdoor natural gas or propane fire pit, bling it out
with some fire glass. GASPRO’s glass pieces are reflective and tempered so they
shine in the flames without melting or degrading. Easily clean and shine your
glass with water and vinegar to make sure it sparkles all summer long. 

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2. Great Northern Popcorn Pit Popper

doesn’t enjoy a bowl of buttery popcorn by the fireside? Ditch the
microwaveable bags and pop yours right over the flames with Great Northern’s
pit popper. This device can produce four quarts of popcorn in minutes and
features a two-foot handle to keep you safe from the flames. 

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3. Goplus Firewood Log Hoop

Log fire lovers need something that’ll hold all their wood. Meet the GoPlus Firewood Log Hoop. This metal rack is both tasteful and helpful with a capacity to hold one-fourth face-cord of wood. Assemble the rust-resistant frame in a few simple steps and store inside or outside using a tarp covering to keep the timber dry.

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4. MalloMe Premium Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

newest version of the marshmallow stick is 45 inches long and retractable for
easy storage and safe fire-side roasting. The pack of four only weighs four
ounces, making it light enough to take on camping trips and hikes. Plus,
they’re made of stainless steel so the flames are less likely to burn

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5. Epica Fireplace Tongs

Sometimes, logs shift or collapse on top of your perfectly-shaped fire. Prepare yourself for these situations by keeping the Epica fireplace tongs close at hand. This tool lets you pick up heavy logs with ease while keeping you 26 inches away from the heat. Collapse them before storing to save space. 

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6. Camco Adirondack Portable Folding Side Table

course, you need a table on which to prep smores and keep your hot dogs. This
folding Adirondack side table suits the job perfectly and is made of plastic
that won’t splinter, crack or chip and resists UV stains. Weighing in at just
over two pounds, a few of these tables would make a great addition to any
backyard fire pit.

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7. Deco Home Tikki Backyard Torches

off mosquitos and illuminate the path to your back patio with this set of four
tikki torches. Each torch is made of iron and features a fiberglass wick a
spike at the bottom for no-fuss placement and a snuffer. A single oil fill-up
will keep these babies burning for more than six hours. 

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8. OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Love Seat 

classic camp chairs are great and all, but have you tried the MoonPhase Love
Seat? This couch-like seat is three chairs long and holds up to 300 pounds. It
also features sloped armrests with drop-down cup holders, a hidden bottle
opener and a backpack roll tote carrier for easy transportation.

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9. Good Directions Spark Screen

rogue sparks out of your food and prevent them from singing your clothes with
the Good Directions spark screen. This screen features tightly-woven steel mesh
and a handle on top so you can partially open it when the fire begins to die
down. It’s also available in 20, 25, 37 and 40 inch diameters to fit your fire

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10. Texsport Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Square Pie

just something about a warm, gooey hobo pie on a cool summer night. Make your
own fruit or pizza-filled pies with this pre-seasoned cast iron cooker. The
heavy-duty iron is resistant to chipping and warping and will likely last many
more summers. 

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11. Coleman Tripod Grill

your evening fireside snack requires more than skewers and pie cookers. If you
need to grill something, consider purchasing a tripod grill. The grill itself
is 17 inches in diameter and collapsible tripod legs hold it directly over the
flames. The setup’s packability and weight of just over five pounds allows for
easy storage and transportation to your campsite or backyard. 

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12. NIOSTA Weatherproof Outdoor Patio String Lights

are great for setting a romantic or relaxing ambiance. However, sometimes you
need some extra light, especially as the flames begin to die down. Luckily,
these weatherproof patio lights have your back. Each strand is 24 feet long and
has 12 bulbs. Safely and easily connect eight of them for a total of 216 feet
of lighting.

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Kick Back and Relax

you’ve gathered all your fire pit essentials and have kindled a nice little
flame, kick back and relax. You and your family deserve to enjoy this little
slice of heaven you created.