Equip: 12 Essentials for Off-Roading, Week of May 2nd

Jeeps driving off road.

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The only off-roading essentials you technically require is are a sturdy vehicle and capable tires. But you can bring a number of unique items to make off-road adventures safer and more exciting. 

With that in mind, here are 12 interesting pieces of off-roading gear to bring on your next trip.

1. Garmin GPSMAP 66i Handheld GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 66i Handheld GPS

Off-roading can bring you to unexpected places. Take this handheld GPS from Garmin with you to ensure you always have a path to follow. Its preloaded TopoActive maps know the terrain better than any human and will last your entire trip, with a maximum battery life of 200 hours. If you get lost, the GPS provides two-way messaging and releases interactive SOS signals.

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2. WeBoost Drive X Cell Signal Booster

WeBoost Drive X Cell Signal Booster

This powerful cell signal booster from WeBoost is another must-have for off-roaders who like to explore remote locations. This model can support multiple devices and reach cell towers 33% farther away than the smaller Drive Sleek model. The booster supports all cell phone carriers, plus installation doesn’t require any tools.

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3. MaxTrax Xtreme Recovery Boards

MaxTrax Xtreme Recovery Boards

Getting your vehicle stuck is almost expected while off-roading, and the Xtreme recovery boards from MaxTrax can get you out. These boards are among the most durable on the market. The heavy-duty reinforced nylon track consists of 88 replaceable anodized alloy teeth that provide traction in any environment.

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4. Bubba Recovery Rope

Bubba Recovery Rope

This 20-foot recovery rope from Bubba can also help you out of tight situations. The double-braided nylon rope with a thick Vinyl Polymer coating has a breaking strength of 28,000 pounds, easily supporting the weight of sedans, SUVs and 4×4 trucks.

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5. Warn VR EVO 12-S Electric Winch

Warn VR EVO 12-S Electric Winch

If you prefer to go off-roading with a larger vehicle, you need something more heavy-duty than ropes. This electric winch from Warn is perfect for one-ton pickups and big rigs, with a one-piece cast-aluminum plate and a 90-foot synthetic line that pulls up to 12,000 pounds without assistance from the vehicle. The wireless remote control is the icing on the cake.

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6. Slime Pro Series Tire Repair Kit

Slime Pro Series Tire Repair Kit

Tires absorb most of the damage your vehicle takes while off-roading. You’re going to get a flat tire eventually, so you want to have a quality tire repair kit when it happens. This Pro Series kit from Slime has eight different-sized patches, three black string plugs, a metal scuffer and a tube of rubber cement. 

Get it from Slime

7. ARB Twin Motor Air Compressor

ARB Twin Motor Air Compressor

While Slime’s tire repair kit can patch up small holes, it can’t refill the tire with air. That’s where this twin motor air compressor from ARB comes in. Its 150 maximum PSI can inflate large tires in seconds and power smaller air-powered tools, which will come in handy for more significant mechanical problems. 

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8. Hi-Lift All-Cast Jack

Hi-Lift All-Cast Jack

If your vehicle’s undercarriage has a problem, you need this durable all-cast jack from Hi-Lift to see the entire picture. It supports up to 7000 pounds and comes in three different lengths – 42, 48 and 60 inches – fit for every kind of off-road vehicle. This slender jack won’t take up space in your car, but it will last for decades with proper maintenance.

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9. Ironclad Work Gloves

Ironclad Work Gloves

Every outdoor activity needs a reliable pair of work gloves. These quality work gloves from Ironclad have everything you need. The synthetic suede palm and nylon backhand make them as comfortable as regular gloves, while the safety cuff, knuckle impact protection and thumb saddle reinforcement can handle any task.

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10. Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp

Don’t let darkness stop your off-road adventure. This waterproof headlamp from Black Diamond can illuminate your path at all hours of the day, allowing you to go longer and farther. Cool interactive features like Brightness Memory let you customize your light’s brightness, colors and other settings.

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11. Crescent Mechanic Toolset

Crescent Mechanic Toolset

Every off-roader should know their way around a toolbox because you never know when you might have to use it. This Crescent mechanic toolset has every wrench, screwdriver and socket you could possibly need to address mechanical issues while off-roading. Each tool’s durable chrome alloy steel is perfect for dirty outdoor environments. 

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12. ARB Light Strip Retractable Awning

ARB Light Strip Retractable Awning

When you stop for an extended break or overnight camping, you need a quick and easy shelter setup. The ARB retractable awning has enough coverage to comfortably fit your sleeping and cooking needs and attachable walls to shield you from the elements. The light strip provides an additional luxury that other awnings wish they had. 

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Upgrade Your Off-Roading Experience

Off-roading will always be dirty and dangerous, but you can come prepared to face all obstacles with these handy off-roading essentials. They have everything you need to get your vehicle out of a tight situation, make repairs and handle any emergency. Add them to your shopping list and upgrade your off-roading experience!

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