Equip: 12 Essentials for Spicy Food Lovers, Week of October 24

A spicy bowl of soup

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There are spicy food lovers around the world. From sauces to noodles and nuts, it’s hard to find a food you can’t elevate with a bit of heat. 

If you’re looking for the right gift for the spicy food lovers in your life, there are numerous options they’ll enjoy. The holidays are quickly approaching, so try one of these 12 essentials for spicy food lovers. 

1. Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness One Chip Challenge 

Box of Paqui spicy chip.

You’ve likely seen the hot chip challenge on social media. These Carolina Reaper chips from Paqui pack a ton of heat in one tortilla chip. Even Shaquille O’Neal couldn’t keep his face straight when he tried one on TNT a few years ago. Do you have what it takes to eat this one chip?

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2. Around the World Spicy Nut Collection

Box of spicy nuts.

One beautiful thing about spicy food is that you can find it anywhere. Antarctica may be the only location without cultures embracing spicy food. Send your spicy food lovers around the world with this spicy nut collection. They mimic the flavors you’ll taste in Africa, the Caribbean, Thailand, Morocco and Mexico. 

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3. “Hot Ones” Truth or Dab: The Game

Truth or Dab game box.

“Hot Ones” is one of the most prominent forms of media for spicy food. Host Sean Evans grills celebrities with questions while eating hot wings, and now you can play the game at home. This Truth or Dab game is excellent for parties, and you can feel like you’re on the show because each pack comes with a bottle of The Last Dab.

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4. Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium

Bottle of Mad Dog hot sauce.

If you’re going to play “Hot Ones” at home, you may as well go for the jugular and get the other sauces. One of the famous hot sauces you can get from the show is Mad Dog 357 No. 9. This spicy sauce scores over 9 million units on the Scoville scale and is sure to pack quite the punch. 

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5. Samyang Buldak Korean Hot Spicy Chicken Noodles

Box of spicy ramen.

Another popular challenge on social media is eating spicy noodles. These chicken stir-fried noodles from Samyang Buldak are flavorful and very spicy. They’re delicious by themselves, and you could add your favorite toppings.  

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6. Hot Mamba Peanut Butter

Jar of Hot Mamba peanut butter.

Peanut butter is a popular spread used in various dishes worldwide. This Hot Mamba peanut butter takes inspiration from Haiti, where spicy versions of this nut butter are famous. Get a jar of Hot Mamba for bulkers so they can put it on toast, chips, bananas and more. This spicy spread has 7 grams of protein per serving.

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7. Pepper Corer

Pepper corer.

If your spicy food lover is in the kitchen often, get them a pepper corer. This device can make life easier by cutting various peppers and shortening the time needed for prepping their spicy specimens. The serrated blade helps cut the head of the pepper and scoop out the seeds. 

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8. Truff Hot Sauce

Truff hot sauce.

Truff produces some of the most popular hot sauces on the market. Each bottle has black truffle oil, red chili peppers and agave nectar to create a spicy condiment that brings a hint of sweetness. Content creators on social media use Truff hot sauce on wings, pasta and more to take their dishes to the next level.

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9. Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate

Spicy food doesn’t have to be savory. You can add a peppery bite to sweet dishes and drinks to create unique flavors. Lake Champlain Chocolates has a spicy Aztec organic hot chocolate with cinnamon, ancho chili and chipotle pepper. Your beverage will have a distinct spicy and sweet kick, and it’s perfect for vegans.

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10. Rao’s Calabrian Chili Marinara

RAO hot sauce.

Get a jar of Rao’s chili marinara sauce if you want more heat from your Sunday sauce. This pasta sauce uses Calabrian chilis from the Italian region bearing its namesake. The peppers combine well with sweet cherry tomatoes to create a balanced sauce. 

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11. Benito’s Chili Pepper Infused Vermont Maple Syrup

Bottles of hot sauce.

Breakfast will never be the same after you pour chili pepper-infused syrup on your pancakes. This pack comes with four flavors with different levels of heat, and the syrup starts with a mild chipotle flavor and goes up to Carolina Reaper. Spicy food lovers can put it on pancakes, waffles and more. 

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12. “The Spicy Food Lovers’ Cookbook”

Book of spicy recipes.

If your gift recipient enjoys cooking, get them “The Spicy Food Lovers’ Cookbook.” It has 75 easy recipes that will take them on a culinary journey in the world of spice. The variety in this book teaches you how to make spice blends and hot sauces and ways to prepare spicy burgers, eggs, soups and more. 

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Try Something Spicy

Some people enjoy tangy foods purely for the heat, while others eat them to blend multiple flavors. People make hot peanut butter, tortilla chips and more, and you can gift them all to your spicy food lovers.

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