Equip: 12 Essentials for Your Next Staycation

a man on a staycation

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The vaccine rollout might be underway, but travel restrictions remain in place. Even if you want to jet off to an exotic destination, now isn’t the time.

So, why not keep your celebration closer to home? Here are 12 interesting and novel items to help enhance your staycation plans.

1. Invest in a SodaStream

Any proper staycation requires plenty of adult beverages, and you want yours to fizz, not fizzle. However, ordinary may contain artificial sweeteners that you don’t like.

A SodaStream lets you invent new cocktails by carbonating fruit water with a natural sugary kiss of monk fruit or stevia. They’re also glorious for those who can’t stomach flat water but don’t like commercial pop additives. 

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2. Rent a Projector

There’s nothing like seeing a flick on the big screen, but many theaters remain at partial capacity. Make your next Netflix binge something special by investing in a projector that you can use to create a “drive-in” in your backyard. If you don’t have much of a budget left after 2020, you might be able to rent one from the library. 

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3. Upgrade Your Coffee Pot

When you enjoy a fun staycation, you don’t have to set your alarm to get your morning java fix. However, it’s challenging to swap your a.m. creamer and make an Irish coffee instead if you don’t have the right pot. From Keurig to French presses, you have options for getting your go-juice — with a little vacation libation. 

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4. Play Tourist

When tourists flock to your hometown, what do they go to see? If you shun those destinations to avoid crowds during non-pandemic times, why not take advantage now while they’re relatively empty? Draw up an itinerary of museums, houses of worship and other landmarks, and scoop up the photo ops before you have to crop out strangers. 

Go to the State Museum of Pennsylvania

5. Camp Under the Stars

Even the coldest states get some balmy days during the winter. The next time the forecast calls for above-freezing temperatures, why not take a camping trip — right in your backyard? The best part is, you won’t have to use stinky campsite latrines. Your restroom is only a few footsteps away, as is your refrigerator when you need more chocolate for barbecue-grill s’mores. 

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6. Make It an Obstacle

Are your kiddos budding ninja warriors? If so, why not transform your family staycation into something right off of the set? You can create much of what you need with pool noodles — you can find these at nearly any dollar store. 

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7. Host a Spa Day

Can you and your partner use some pampering? Host an at-home spa day and enjoy some quiet time? You can whip up a DIY massage oil and learn how to give your sweetie a rubdown like a pro. Use clean kitty litter containers to soak your feet and add some tea bags and rose petals to your bathwater. 

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8. Do Wine and Cheese Tasting

If you have discriminating tastes, why not put them to the test with a wine and cheese tasting? Half of the fun is traveling to your favorite liquor store and picking out the best varietals to pair with your cheddar and gruyere. The rest is in the at-home taste tests — since you won’t have to worry about a DUI, there’s no need for a spitting bucket. 

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9. Try Geocaching

Are you and your family dedicated treasure-seekers? If you love nothing more than the hunt, sign up with a geocaching group and download the coordinates for your first cache. Finding it is half the fun — the rest takes place when you upload fun photos of your find to social media before leaving it for the next adventurer.

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10. Book a Round of Golf

When was the last time you hit the links? Winter is the least expensive time to do so unless you live in Arizona. Take advantage of those low prices and get out there in the fresh air and sunshine. With the money you’ll save on greens fees, you can afford a new set of balls to curse at when you accidentally lob one into the drink. 

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11. Climb Every Mountain 

What’s the tallest mountain near you? If you live in Kansas, you might have to head west to the Rockies, but most locations have somewhere you can exercise your hiking and bouldering skills. Pack a festive picnic lunch and dine alfresco when you reach the top — no restaurant can boast such a view. 

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12. Celebrate Hygge 

If the weather is frightful, why not enjoy your winter staycation like the Dutch do and celebrate Hygge? This term refers to a feeling of cozy contentment that you get when surrounded by your loved ones indoors. Stock up on plenty of hot cocoa and warm Sherpa blankets and hunker down on your couch. 

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Enjoy a Fun Staycation

Since travel restrictions remain in effect, you have to get creative. Enjoy a fun staycation with these interesting and novel ideas. 

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