11 Health Trends to Watch for 2024 

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The human body might evolve slowly, but we learn new things about medical science at ever-increasing speeds, thanks to technology. What are the top health trends to watch in 2024? 

Keeping abreast of new developments can significantly increase your quality of life. You never know which discovery may be the magic bullet that solves your woes. There’s a lot of trial and error concerning what works for your body, but you can get a jumpstart by educating yourself on the latest research. What’s hot on wellness magazine covers this year? Here are 11 health trends to watch for 2024. 

1. Magical Mushrooms 

Before you go off on a psychedelic trip, man, remember that relatively few mushrooms have such effects. Others are powerhouses of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances your body needs to keep your immune system running at its peak and maximize energy levels. Some of the hottest mushroom supplements for 2023 include the following: 

  • Cordyceps: Several studies show this fungus can increase ATP production or energy, making it a trending pre-workout supplement. It also benefits lung and kidney health. 
  • Reishi: The polysaccharides in this mushroom boost immune function, support restful sleep and improve urinary difficulty in men. 
  • Lion’s Mane: Lion’s Mane is rich in beta-glucans, which stimulate nerve growth and have neuroprotective properties — meaning they safeguard your brain health. 
  • Turkey Tail: This mushroom also contains immunity-boosting polysaccharides in high concentrations. 

That’s not to say taking a trip without leaving the farm doesn’t have health benefits. Psychedelics show emerging promise in psychiatry, helping those with substance use disorder and intractable depression and anxiety overcome mental issues. However, it’s crucial to use such substances in a controlled environment under the guidance of a trained practitioner. 

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2. No-Pill Pain Relief 

There’s some bad news for Big Pharma: a recent Gallup poll reveals that 78% would prefer to treat their pain through non-drug means. What are the most popular alternatives? Physical therapy and chiropractic care top the list. 

Other methods of no-pill pain relief you might explore include: 

  • TENS units: Now available over the counter, transdermal electrical nerve stimulation delivers mild shocks to nerves, helping them become less reactive. 
  • Biofeedback: Simple wearables can help people learn to lower their pulse through deep breathing, inducing a relaxation response. 
  • Yoga and massage: Integrated yoga therapy typically helps trauma survivors overcome mental issues, but it can also assist chronic pain patients with treating their aches through mild stretching and gentle touch. 

3. Social Media Cleanses 

Social media addiction keeps far too many people from living their most productive lives — are you among them? If so, you might want to catch onto this health trend for 2023: the social media cleanse. 

Updated cleanses don’t require drastic announcements that you’re leaving, followed by a temporary suspension of your account. Rather, they refer to pruning your friends’ list of the trolls who only appear to make nasty comments and being more selective with which posts make you react. These simple measures gradually transform your feed into a more positive, supporting space. 

4. Elevated Drink Choices 

Are you sober-curious? You don’t have to give up your Friday night glass of Moscato. This emerging health trend for 2023 entails getting mindful, asking yourself “why” before every impulse or societal expectation to indulge in alcohol. 

Give it a try. You might discover that you have more fun at your next happy hour if you remain sober, watching the antics of your peers. You’ll definitely run circles around them on Saturday morning while they nurse hangovers. 

What should you drink instead? Many companies have gotten in on another 2023 health trend — herbal infusions. Brands like Kin Euphorics and Curious Elixirs provide adaptogen-based beverages with the same adult sophisticated feel and no nasty side effects. 

5. Mobility Exercises 

You survive to age 65, collect this generation’s version of the gold Rolex — an RV to travel the country in — but don’t enjoy your retirement. Why? Your many aches and pains make it hard to get around. 

One of the hottest health trends for 2023 is partaking in preventative maintenance through mobility exercises. Some, like new yoga styles, emphasize the mind-body connection. Others are more pragmatic, focusing on simple moves like shoulder rolls and squats that you can do while watching TV. Expect your favorite group fitness classes to include more of this component in their routines. 

6. Exercise “Snacks” 

Who has time to log 30 minutes at the gym each day? Most mere mortals have lives that interfere with their workout schedule. The solution? Exercise “snacks” or mini sessions of five to 20 minutes of cardio, strength or stretching. 

For example, you might start your day with 10 minutes of gentle yoga and take a walk during your morning work break. After dinner, you play a game of pickup basketball with your teen before stretching it out for another 10 to 15 minutes before bed. Throw in some lunges and pushups, and you’ve covered all three fitness components without hitting the gym once. 

7. Wearable Fitness 

Wearable fitness might not have begun in 2023, but it’s become one of the year’s hottest health trends. For example, the last few generations of Apple Watch come with an included ECG perfect for biohacking. 

What’s that? It’s a fancy term for observing how simple changes — like having a snack, taking a walk or breathing deeply influence your heart rate variability. Many doctors consider HRV an indicator of cardiovascular health, with greater variability associated with stronger resilience.

8. Mindfulness Training 

People socialize puppies and kitties, but few train in how to be good humans. Much of it boils down to mindfulness, the ability to see and accept reality as it is. Doing so increases empathy, as becoming more aware of how different stimuli impact you and your reactions make you realize that others experience the same things. 

Fortunately, you can find scores of free mindfulness training apps. All you need is a 1-minute timer. Set it and focus on nothing but your breath for the next 60 seconds, bringing your attention back to it each time it strays.

9. Plant-Based Nutrition 

Switching to a plant-based diet is among 2023’s top health trends for two reasons. The WHO recently classified processed meat as a carcinogen and red meat as probable, so reducing consumption lowers cancer risk. 

Another factor is meat production’s contribution to global climate change, accounting for nearly 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. While you don’t have to go vegan, embracing Meatless Monday and expanding it to a few days a week is good for your body and the planet. 

10. Time-Restricted Eating 

Diets are a pain. You no sooner embark on a low-carb plan when your BFF invites you to a dinner party — featuring pasta. 

The solution many have found is time-based eating. Intermittent fasting has shown promise as an effective calorie-counting method for people at risk of Type 2 diabetes. Will time-restricted eating help you shed pounds? 

11. New and Improved Keto 

Many people embraced keto for its rapid weight loss and health benefits. However, you might have found the carb counting a bit too restrictive. 

2023’s new and improved keto gives more leeway for including healthy carbs. While you should still steer clear of processed versions containing bleached flour and added sugars, there’s more wiggle room for the occasional whole grain or russet potato.  

Health Trends for 2024 

These top health trends for 2024 may improve your quality of life. You don’t know what will work until you try it. 

Read up on these top health trends for 2024. A little research can pay off in a healthier, happier you. 

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