Building Healthy Habits Working From Home

Sep 14, 2022


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Working from home might have several benefits, but it also comes with risks. Since you have so many amenities available to you from the start of the day, you may see your life turn into a more sedentary one. It’s essential to build healthy habits working from home, as you don’t want to adjust to an unhealthy lifestyle. Try to fit these new habits into your lifestyle, and just watch the benefits you can reap.

1. Take Breaks Often

Everyone needs a break. If you start working straight through your day, you may find that your focus and work ethic begin to waver. A break allows you to step away from your workload and get some fresh air and a chance to reset your brain — as well as turn it off and let yourself do nothing for a while. Taking more breaks also helps you make better decisions, as you’ll have had the opportunity to step away and reset from your decision fatigue.

2. Protect Your Eyes

When you’re staring at a screen for hours on end, your eyes are bound to hurt. You can get special blue light glasses that will protect your eyes from the damage that the light may cause. You can also take small breaks from your screen by focusing on something in the distance and staring at it before looking at your computer again. Also, when you take your breaks, take them away from your screen.

3. Drink Water

Since you’re at home, you may be tempted to drink more sodas or other unhealthy beverages you keep in your home. Most people need around six to eight cups of water a day, but depending on your size and activity level, you may need more. Designate a large water bottle for a day’s worth of work. That way, you won’t need to continuously enter the kitchen to refill it and walk past all those tempting sugary drinks. 

4. Make Your Lunch

When you work from home, you might be tempted to order food for delivery because it’s so convenient. While it is nice to support small businesses, you shouldn’t order out for every meal. Making your own lunches with groceries you buy could be much healthier than opting for takeout. Plus, you’ll know exactly what goes into your lunches if you cook or assemble the ingredients yourself.

One of the benefits of meal prepping for the week is creating meals in batches. Since you’ll be using items in bulk, you may find that your groceries are actually cheaper than if you were to eat out for every meal. Fresh ingredients can make a difference, and as long as you don’t mind eating a similar variation of a meal every day, meal prepping can save you time during the week. Just make sure you eat your lunch away from your computer.

5. Get Exercise

Some pieces of equipment allow you to work out as you work from home. You may decide to include some small machinery under your desk, allowing you to pedal your legs or lift small weights with your feet. Doing so can keep your body busy while you’re working and help you feel like you’re living a less sedentary lifestyle. 

Otherwise, you need to make time for exercise outside of work. Setting a goal for yourself might be the easiest way to push you into a workout routine. Once you select a goal for yourself, make sure that it’s realistic — and remember to rest, or else your body won’t have time to repair itself after a challenging workout. 

Create Healthy Habits Working From Home From the Beginning

If you create habits from the moment you start your new WFH lifestyle, you may be more likely to adhere to them over time. Once you get comfortable in a routine, it’ll be difficult to deviate from it. Starting your healthy habits working from home from the beginning will help you build a routine that will not be so easy to stray from. You can enjoy your time working from home while living a healthier lifestyle.

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