Why Diamond Push Ups are the Best Push Ups

Man doing push-ups.

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Anyone who has performed the push up before can attest to the exercise’s effectiveness. It has been a staple in the fitness world for hundreds of years, with roots going all the way back to ancient Rome and India. We have come up with many unique variations, but only one can be the best. Here’s why diamond push ups are the best push ups.

A Breakdown of the Diamond Push Up

Man with hands together, pushing off of floor.

Diamond push ups target the chest, triceps and anterior deltoid just like other variations. However, as you can see in this graphic, there is a heavy emphasis on the lateral or outer head of the triceps. It also challenges your core because the close grip provides less stability than a traditional wide-grip push up.

So, why are diamond push ups the best? What sets them apart from the other variations? These three reasons should compel you to add this exercise to your routine.

1. Improves Your Bench Press

The diamond push up is a fantastic accessory pushing exercise. After adding this exercise to your training program, you can expect to see massive improvements with your bench press, the king of all upper body movements. The diamond push up is beneficial to the bench press for several reasons:

  • It allows you to practice the final “lockout” of the elbows at the end of each bench press repetition. Many people have trouble completing the lockout, so the diamond push up can help them solve this problem.
  • It strengthens the triceps, which are the secondary muscles that you train during the biceps. Many people rely too much on their chest and shoulders and neglect to engage their triceps during the bench press.
  • The close grip requires you to activate your core muscles, which is a crucial part of the bench press. You need to engage your whole body to properly perform the bench press.

If you’ve been struggling to improve your bench press numbers, add diamond push ups to the end of your chest workout. Focus on the tricep contraction and core engagement. After a few weeks, you will notice your form start to change.

2. Grows Your Arms Faster

The biceps get all the love and attention because of their flashy appearance, but the triceps are more important overall. They make up between 60 and 70 percent of your arm’s muscle mass. If your arms are undersized, your triceps are lagging behind more than your biceps. That’s where diamond push ups come into play. 

This exercise is the perfect isolation movement for the lateral head, also known as the “horseshoe” because of its uniquely shaped structure. A few months of diamond push ups – along with a consistent diet and training program – will make your arms grow faster than ever before. Make that horseshoe pop!

3. Promotes Forearm Health

Forearm health is one of the most overlooked aspects of physical fitness. If you don’t have grip strength, you can never hope to reach your full potential on other exercises. Any pushing or pulling exercise trains your forearms to some degree, so they need to be flexible and durable. Diamond push ups can help you improve both qualities.

Your wrists are fully stretched when performing the diamond push up, which puts constant tension on your forearm muscles. As you get better at the exercise, your forearm health will also improve. You will start making more progress in many other exercises because of this newfound grip strength. Diamond push ups make everything better for your upper body.

Take Your Training to the Next Level

If you have reached a workout plateau and can’t seem to shake it, you don’t need to make any drastic changes. Sometimes the solution is a simple exercise addition. Diamond push ups are the best push up variations because they improve your bench press, grow your arms and improve your forearm health. These three factors can take your training to the next level

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