Fitness Tech You Need in 2024

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Technology and fitness go hand in hand as companies further integrate the two ideas in 2024. You can lace up your shoes and run or equip fitness tech to improve your workouts. What are the best fitness gadgets on the market? Here are 10 workout tech devices you need this year.

1. Fitness Mirror

Your form is critical to ensure you do your workouts correctly. Your average gym likely has mirrors, but how can you manage at home? Workout mirrors are one of the best workout gadgets for watching each rep and taking the occasional bicep selfie. These devices have interactive screens with workout classes integrated into the mirror, with live and on-demand options available. 

With fitness mirrors, you get instant feedback on your form if you choose a live class. Plus, the mirror will track your body and display statistics for your workout, making it one of the most useful fitness gadgets on the market. For instance, fitness mirrors display your heart rate to ensure your safety. Experts recommend staying between 50% and 85% of your maximum heart rate to prevent health problems while exercising. 

2. Peloton

Peloton has been around for about a decade but soared in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Home fitness is much easier when you have Peloton workout tech because of the company’s high-quality equipment and interactive fitness sessions. The machines are best for the days you don’t want to go outside, whether too cold or rainy. 

In 2024, Peloton is still going strong with some of the best workout gadgets in the fitness industry. While the company is famous for its bikes and treadmills, Peloton is also terrific for its strength training equipment. The weight rack is ideal if you like dumbbell exercises and seeing those muscular gains after workouts. Peloton’s dumbbells have cast-iron weights and rubber coating to prevent slippage while lifting. 

3. Hydrow Rower

Rowing machines have become popular recently as people have realized their physical benefits. What’s better than a full-body workout and becoming stronger everywhere? Hydrow Rower lets you get your rowing fix at home with one of the best fitness gadgets on the market.

This machine simulates your experience on a rowboat and features a clear 22-inch screen. Imagine your favorite river as you row your canoe gently down the stream. Some machines can get loud, but the Hydrow Rower is nearly silent to avoid simulating a hurricane in your workout room. Your neighbors and family members will thank you later! However, you can sync your devices and play music to increase the energy. 

4. Smart Insoles

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While some don’t like cardio, others get a thrill from running. This aerobic exercise can be great for your body, considering experts say it strengthens muscles and bones. Whether walking, jogging or sprinting, you need comfortable shoes to take you from point A to point B. Make your experience better by getting high-tech shoes with smart insoles. 

Smart insoles are essential fitness gadgets because they track every step and stride on your journey. Built-in sensors track your movement like a GPS and monitor pressure when your foot hits the ground. The device provides feedback on your stride length, speed, balance and other crucial factors to monitor your running performance. With this information, you can adjust your running habits and even prevent injuries. 

5. Activ5

If you’ve ever wanted to work out but can’t find the motivation, the Activ5 is for you. This portable little gadget creates isometric workouts to get your sweat on anywhere. Squeeze it between your palms during planks, sit-ups and more to track your strength and close those rings on your Apple Watch. The price tag may seem a little heft for such a small fitness tech device. However, it’s entirely a step up from your measly stress ball.

The Activ5 is another excellent device if you enjoy feedback in your workouts. With this workout tech, you can adjust the exercise to your strength level by calibrating the Activ5. The device will tell you how much force you’ve exerted and if any muscular imbalances have occurred, ensuring you get a worthy workout. 

6. Massage Gun 

Sore muscles are a part of working out, especially if you just set a new personal best with your lifting. After your workout, you should prioritize recovery because it gives your body time to repair your sore muscles and sharpen your mind. Recovery can require a few days of rest if you have a hard workout, so you need a massage gun to maximize your rest. 

Not just any device will do —- you need a high-tech massage gun after exercising. Find a massage gun that gives you deep-tissue massages and kneads your skin for complete relaxation. For example, Opove makes massage guns that are quiet and lightweight while providing the post-workout massage you deserve, making them one of the best fitness gadgets on the market.

7. Liteboxer

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Do you need to let off some steam after work? Whatever upsets you, take your frustrations out on the Liteboxer. This device is one of the best examples of fitness tech if you like high-intensity workouts. Boxing is one of the best workouts because it combines cardio and strength training in engaging sessions. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to put your skills to the test.

Liteboxer is one of the best fitness gadgets because it’s small and can fit nearly every room in your house. Simply hang it up on the wall and get your workout started! Increase the intensity of your workout by integrating your workout music with Liteboxer. Plus, you can take the device wherever you travel because of its portability. You don’t have to miss a workout even when you’re on vacation. 

8. Smart Swim Goggles

Swimming doesn’t require fancy gear if you’re a purist. Simply dive into the water with as much or as little clothing as you like, and you can swim to your heart’s desire. However, you can level up your aquatic sessions with smart swim goggles. 

These eye protectors are one of the best workout gadgets because they’re lightweight and show your real-time fitness data. For instance, FORM’s smart swim goggles display your stats on the lens as you swim, showing time elapsed, distance and stroke rate. Also, you can sync your data to your smartphone app and compare your swims from previous sessions. The smart goggles also have  preplanned workouts and training plans to improve your swimming.

9. Smartwatches

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Forget what you used to know about smartwatches because they’re even better now. These wrist devices have been a favorite in the fitness industry because they track your heart rate, steps and other important metrics. Now, you can take them on nearly any workout and not worry about how well they’ll hold up. 

For instance, the Apple Watch Ultra has become one of the best workout gadgets because of its durability. Take it with you in the ocean while deep-sea diving or up to Mt. Everest as you trek the tallest mountain. The Apple Watch Ultra is waterproof up to 100 meters under ISO standard conditions. Apple also says you can take the watch scuba diving up to 40 meters, making it an excellent workout tech companion for your adventures. 

10. Smart Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are a schoolyard favorite, whether you liked playing solo or double Dutch back in the day. What if you turned this classic toy into an effective fitness tech tool? You can get an excellent workout with today’s technology, and smart jump ropes aren’t an exception. 

Smart jump ropes are a new fitness craze because they embed LED lights and track each jump, twist and turn. In fact, you can even monitor your jump count in mid-air and see how far you’ve come. No more manual counting! Tangram Factory’s smart jump rope lets you compete with friends by unlocking awards and setting personal goals.

Gathering Your Fitness Tech for a Great Workout

Working out is exhilarating and makes you feel accomplished, but what if you let smart technology take your exercise to the next level? Fitness gadgets have come a long way over the years and track your progress as you put in work. Use these 10 workout tech ideas to enhance your regimen. 

Originally published Feb 01, 2021 – Updated Feb 26, 2024

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