How to Stay Fit at Work While Still Getting Everything Done

Feb 14, 2023

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People feel healthier when they move more, but not everyone has specific times for exercise in their daily lives. Many people may just say to stay active outside of work, but if you have a busy schedule once you clock out for the day, a designated workout isn’t always possible. Instead, you need to learn how to stay fit at work without distracting yourself from your tasks of the day.

1. Stretch Often

Now and then, you should stand up from your desk and stretch. You’ll be working the unused muscles that go to waste while sitting at your desk. Stretching can also help you feel more limber, which could make you more active during your breaks at work. Stretching gives you an excuse to stand and go to the bathroom. While not necessarily extensive activity, it still gets you moving.

2. Take Walking Breaks

Walking is great for both your mental and physical health. Those who walk regularly have longer lives than those who spend most of their time sitting. Since it can help mitigate several symptoms of both physical and mental illness, walking is the ultimate activity to partake in when you have a break from work. Even if you can’t get outside for your walking break, simply walking around the office can benefit you and work more movement into your day.

3. Get a Standing Desk

A convertible desk that allows you to stand and sit at it can be a lifesaver for anyone trying to lead a healthier life. Standing up will help you feel a bit more active and less sedentary, and it will also decrease your risk of the illnesses that come from sitting down too much. It may also keep you awake during the afternoon slump, as standing requires more effort and concentration than a comfortable sitting position.

4. Bring Workout Equipment With You

Who said you couldn’t bring something from home to jumpstart your fitness at work? While you might not be able to pack dumbbells in your work bag, you can get resistance bands to use under your desk. Resistance bands can work out your whole body if you know how to use them.  While you’re sitting down, you can train your legs, and when you take a break, you can work on your arms. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants to stay fit at work without distracting themselves from their tasks.

5. Opt for a Walking Meeting

Most meetings can be emails. In that case, why not encourage your workplace to become active while listening to the most important tidbits of the meeting? That way, people may feel more motivated to attend a meeting since they’ll be able to get some fresh air and exercise in. Though walking meetings won’t work for every workplace, you might be able to pull it off at yours.

6. Eat a Healthy Lunch

When in doubt, pack your lunch. You’ll know exactly what goes into your food, and you won’t have to spend money every day by getting lunch from a restaurant or a vending machine. In fact, eating a smaller lunch might help you feel less tired in the afternoon. You want your lunch to give you the energy to be active throughout your day, not weigh you down. Pack a good source of protein and some vegetables, and you’ll enjoy your lunch and feel energized all day.

7. Take the Stairs

If you have the option to go for an elevator or stairs, always pick the stairs. Taking the stairs is a healthier choice, even if you have to go up or down several floors. Besides, waiting for the elevator may take a while. If you’re in a rush, stairs are almost always the best option because you control how fast you can go. Plus, it’s an easy way to help get your steps in.

Stay Fit at Work However You Can

Sometimes, designating a specific time to work out isn’t possible. You need to add movement and other exercises into your daily routine however possible, and as long as it doesn’t distract you from your to-do list, working out at work is an excellent option. You can stay fit at work by taking short breaks to move your body. More activity throughout your day may lead to more activity in the evenings once you’re at home. It’s easy to incorporate movement into your life — you just need to get started.

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