4 Swimming Workouts to Build Muscle

Man doing swimming workouts to build muscle.

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Summer is quickly approaching, and you may have already found yourself diving into a pool. Barbecues and pool parties are the highlights of summer, as long as you remember to bring sunscreen. Swimming is a terrific way to cool off and exercise during the hot summer, but did you know you can use the pool as a strength-training workout? This guide will show you four types of swimming workouts to build muscle. 

1. Pool Crunches

Getting a six-pack is a common goal among fitness enthusiasts worldwide. No, a six-pack of beer doesn’t count, even if they taste good during the summer. We’re talking about your abs. You can use swimming workouts to build muscle in your core, and it’s easier than you think. Give pool crunches a try to stimulate your abs and get a good workout.

For pool crunches, start by floating on your back and put your legs on the pool deck. Your thighs up to your head should still be in the water. Use your abs to propel yourself out of the water as quickly as possible. You’ll feel great resistance each time you come out of the water. Do three sets of 20 repetitions each to build strength in your core and get one step closer to the six-pack.

2. Jump Squats

Who says you should skip leg day? With these swimming workouts to build muscle, your legs will get the work they need to be strong. The following exercise to build strength in your legs is jump squats. If your legs aren’t tired, they will be soon with this regimen.

To do a jump squat, start by getting into the pool where you’re waist-deep in water. Put your weight on your heels and squat until your shoulders are underwater. Jump as high as possible into the air and back into the water. Repeat the exercise and do 20 reps per set. Give jump squats a try if you’re looking for new ways to exercise and get fit this summer.

3. Kickboard Kicks

Kickboards are a favorite pool accessory for kids and adults. They’re an excellent tool for teaching people how to swim, and you can also use them for various exercises in the pool. There are a few variations of kickboard kicks, all of which are practical swimming workouts to build muscle. These kicking exercises include:

  • Flutter kicks: Flutter kicks are among the most popular kicking exercises for the pool. They’re relatively simple. All you need to do is extend your legs in a straight line with your body and kick them up and down. This exercise is another terrific workout for your abs.
  • Butterfly kicks: Butterfly kicks take a lesson from their butterfly-stroke counterpart. For these kicks, start by sticking your legs together from feet to thighs. Engage your hips to kick your legs and push yourself through the water with the paddle. Keep your toes pointed, and this exercise will work your hips, abs and obliques.
  • Frog kicks: When you were a kid, did you ever pretend to be a frog? Here’s your chance to be like one for a few minutes. Start by sticking your legs and feet together, like with the butterfly kicks. This time, you’ll bend your knees and bring your legs up toward your body to look like a frog. Extend your legs out and rapidly return them to the base position. This swimming workout builds muscle in your glutes and thighs.

4. Tombstone Drill

Keep the kickboard out because the next exercise uses it, also. These tombstone drills are a fantastic workout for your legs. Tombstone doesn’t have anything to do with the Undertaker, Mark Calaway. However, even wrestlers can appreciate this exercise because of its strength training. 

For tombstone drills, start by flipping the kickboard, so it stands up in the water. You can imagine yourself holding an actual tombstone while swimming. Hold the kickboard in front of you and start kicking. These may seem like routine kicks, but the kickboard adds resistance, requiring you to use your hips and squads. 

A Guide for Swimming Workouts to Build Muscle

Swimming is a favorite pastime for people of all ages when the temperatures get hot. It’s especially beneficial for joint pain because the warm water eases the body. Use these four types of swimming workouts to build muscle and stamina in a fresh way.