Everything You Need to Know About the Xbox Series X

Feb 25, 2023

Xbox controller.

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Playing video games is one of the best hobbies to have, as it allows you to explore rich worlds with fantastic stories, either alone or with your friends. With new consoles and ways to game appearing constantly, you must know about all your options before making a decision. Xbox’s latest marvel is the Xbox Series X — and it’s completely worth the hype.

All About the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is the latest console in the Xbox family, and it’s the best one produced to date. It’s a must-have for any Xbox enthusiast who wants access to their library of games while upgrading to the best processor and quality possible. Alongside it came the Xbox Series S, which is similar to the X but different in several ways.

The X is undeniably the best that Xbox has to offer. It utilizes 3D spatial sound, which is the next generation of audio technology that fully immerses you in your gaming experience. The X provides 4k visuals, a huge upgrade from the consoles of the past. The controller has been redesigned to sit more comfortably in players’ hands, with new grips on the triggers and bumpers, so they don’t slip during a crucial moment of gameplay. The console itself has designated airflow channels to decrease the likelihood of overheating.

Hardcore gamers may have more than one platform to game on. If you own the essentials, like a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, your next upgrade should be to the Xbox Series X. Video games help support social connection, as it’s a way for you to collaborate with and talk to others without being in the same place as them. With all of your friends playing on the same kind of console, you’ll want to join them.

Can the Xbox Series X Play Old Games?

The great thing about the Xbox Series X is that you don’t need to worry about starting over from scratch. You can play old games on your Series X console, and you can transfer data from the games you’re currently playing or have completed, too. You can easily import your data from cloud saves or copy them from external storage or transfer them via Wi-Fi. Furthermore, you can use your Xbox One controller on your Series X.

If you’re an avid Xbox player, you should be excited to know that the backward compatibility of the Series X means you can play all of your old favorites. The Xbox line of consoles features some of the most popular games played by people of all ages. Halo 5 is the best-selling game for Xbox at more than 10 million units sold, on par with the rest of the franchise. Whether you want to play popular games or less well-known games on your Series X, you can do so without worry.

Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S: Which Is Better?

The Series X and Series S have a lot in common, but in other ways, their differences matter. The most significant difference may be that the Series S is completely digital. An all-digital option could benefit the environment, but if you have a library of older, physical games you want to play, it isn’t the right choice for you.

Overall, the Series S is smaller and cheaper than its counterpart. It is completely silent and runs 1440p visuals. The Series X, by contrast, loads faster and has backward compatibility. Its 4k visuals are a massive improvement over the Series S’s, though it might not be as quiet. Which console you choose may be up to preference, but the Series X is undeniably one of the greatest consoles currently on the market.

These consoles also offer some of the same features. With over 458 million subscriptions to video-on-demand services in the United States alone, compatibility with streaming services is a must-have for any next-generation console. Both new Xbox units support streaming on various apps, ensuring you have no shortage of things to do with your brand-new console.

Is the Xbox Series X Worth It?

The Xbox Series X isn’t just your standard console. Everything about the Xbox you know has been upgraded and taken to the next level, all for your comfort while gaming or relaxing. It would be the perfect addition to your console collection, whether you’re an Xbox fan through and through or want to have one console from each of the big names. You’ll never run out of things to do in your downtime with your Series X.

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