Nintendo Switch 2 Rumor Roundup: Fact and Fiction

A hypothetical Nintendo Switch 2

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The Nintendo Switch came out in 2017, yet it continues to fly off shelves. The legendary game company has a history of making its console sales continue up until the end of its tenure. Despite its continued popularity, fans not only want a new console — they suspect it. Nintendo has given the industry a reason to believe they have a new console in the works, and the broader gaming community has dubbed it the Nintendo Switch 2.

Here’s everything you need to know about the internet’s favorite rumor — the long-awaited successor to the highly regarded hybrid console.

What’s the News on the Nintendo Switch 2?

Let’s start with some quick-fire facts before diving into the nuances of current media coverage and disclosure from Nintendo:

  • Nintendo did not say the next console would be called Nintendo Switch 2. This is a name coined by fans to begin discussing its potential. It may have a different name.
  • As of October 2023, no concrete Nintendo Switch 2 release date or confirmed release titles exist.
  • Nintendo has not disclosed specifics about hardware to the public.

That is everything you would want to know about it now, right? Nintendo is well-known for staying tight-lipped about significant announcements, saving them for their Nintendo Directs. Just because fans don’t know the above details doesn’t mean gamers are entirely in the dark.

Word got around about Nintendo’s discreet appearance at Gamescom. Rumor has it an improved version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was available for honored industry players to test on the successor system’s new hardware. 

The game reportedly ran at 60 FPS with no load times, a ring to a gamer’s ears, especially when Nintendo’s systems have historically compromised hardware capabilities for other functionality. Perhaps Nintendo finally wants to compete with Sony and Microsoft.

Ever since, data miners have been on the case to find anything on the new console. It wouldn’t be a new release without some Nintendo Switch 2 leaks. While some claim the release could be any time after March 2024, leakers suggest a more specific date — September 24, 2024. 

They even theorized there would be two models of the Nintendo Switch 2 with varying specs and, therefore, different price points. There may be a $400 digital-only version and a cartridge variant for $49 more.

A new Nintendo patent just came out, and many suggest it reveals the designs for the new console. At this point, Nintendo has not confirmed, denied or commented on this news.

What Do Fans Want From the Nintendo Switch 2?

Most coverage on the Nintendo Switch 2 is speculative. However, it doesn’t mean Nintendo doesn’t listen to fan feedback in their design process. Perhaps comments and critiques about the Switch over the years catalyzed design choices for its follow-up. It’s impossible to say, but if Nintendo wants to keep fans committed, they might listen to a few of their wishlists.

First, fans want better hardware. We’re talking 1080p display, stylus support and Joy-Cons without drift. Despite the Switch’s popularity, it does not compare to Sony and Microsoft’s most recent generation consoles. 

Many gamers report framerate losses and long load times. This isn’t a first for a Nintendo console, with the Wii U having so many processing and graphical concerns that third parties were not as keen to port over games to it. Nintendo must prioritize this to maintain industry relevance because controller innovation and beloved IPs only carry so far.

Fans also want nostalgia. The remake and remaster boon has been going on for some time and probably won’t stop. At the end of the Switch’s life, Nintendo is embracing this by rereleasing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and opening up the Nintendo 64, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance to virtual console. So, is the 3DS or GameCube next? Will fans get even more niche nostalgic upgrades like a return of portable functionality like StreetPass?

Finally, fans want a solid game lineup. There are no confirmed games, though the top suspect for a release title is Metroid Prime 4. It’s almost certain there will not be a new The Legend of Zelda or Pikmin title with the recent release of Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4, but they may get ported over. IPs like Mario, Splatoon, Kirby and more could see a new massive 3D title.

What Are Some Less-Likely Inclusions?

It’s not often Nintendo succumbs to other gaming industry pressures, but it’s essential to acknowledge the industry meta. For example, Nintendo is the only primary developer that does not incorporate achievements into their games. Sony and Microsoft have console-specific trophies and achievements. 

Do Nintendo fans care, or are they fine without the annoying pop-ups? Maybe enough fans have vocalized the want that it will be something they incorporate.

Another questionable feature is region-free play. Nintendo has gone back and forth choosing to region-lock their consoles, forcing players to jailbreak systems if they want access to the rest of the catalog. Nintendo fans adore and crave overseas releases, and especially with the proliferation of streaming, it’s easier to see gameplay and immediately get envious. Will Nintendo make the next console region-free? It’s hard to say.

Finally, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo leverages multiplayer functionality in the Nintendo Switch 2. Consoles have had online play in the past, and while their games advertised online play, only a few delivered satisfying experiences. For example, Mario Kart works well online, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons had online and local multiplayer play with few options for interactivity other than touring towns. Will Nintendo’s potential boost in hardware come with a higher focus on multiplayer experiences?

Will You Buy the Nintendo Switch 2?

Information from data miners may not be accurate, and information about Nintendo’s new console is not certain until we hear it from them. However, gamers can rest comfortably knowing there will be news in the next year — and perhaps a new console. How different will the Nintendo Switch 2 have to be to keep your interests piqued?

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