6 Upcoming Sports Games We Can’t Wait to Play

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If we listed our sports video games accomplishments, the list would be longer than a CVS receipt. These games allow us to indulge our fantasies by winning the NBA Finals, a Super Bowl and a FIFA World Cup all in one day. The dream continues into the late summer and fall with more upcoming sports games. 

The next year or so of video games is going to be huge for the video game industry. We’re seeing franchises starting, ending and getting reboots — so there’s a lot to look forward to. Here are six upcoming sports games we can’t wait to play. 

1. EA Sports College Football

College football is coming back soon. Well, we actually don’t know when the release date for EA Sports College Football will be. However, the game is underway. EA Sports announced the game would return after nearly a decade’s hiatus. The last game college football fans have right now is NCAA ‘14, which has an online community alive to this day. 

One of the most fun parts about college football games is dynasty mode — where you take over as a coach and build programs into juggernauts. Winning the national championship with San Jose State may be my crowning achievement. Thankfully, reports confirm this game mode will return for the upcoming sports game. 

We’re currently monitoring the inclusion of real players and coaches in the game. Imagine taking the reins of USC with Caleb Williams at the helm or marching into Bryant-Denny Stadium to defeat Nick Saban. The prospect is dim, but there’s still a chance. The College Football Players Association wants adequate pay for their name, image and likeness (NIL) in the game. 

Legal fights and licensing issues have hindered the game’s progress thus far — but we should expect the game to come out in 2024. 

2. EA Sports FC 24

Let’s talk about another football game from EA Sports — except this is about the other kind of football. EA Sports created the FIFA video games from 1993 until 2022, but licensing issues ended the run of these iconic games. Now, international football from EA Sports is under a new title called EA Sports FC. 

The premise of the game is the same. You’ll still get to play with your favorite teams from the Premier League, La Liga and the other elite leagues. The primary difference in this new series is HyperMotion V technology, using real stadium cameras to capture data. The technology will help the in-game experience, with EA projecting 5,000 more in-game animations than previous titles. 

The game will come out on September 29, and we’re ready to see what the next generation looks like. We’re especially eager to see how the Nintendo Switch version plays, considering it will use the Frostbite game engine for the first time. 

3. Football Manager 2024

The primary competitor to the FIFA video games has been Football Manager. Fans covet this game because it gives a semi-realistic simulation at managing football teams. Have you ever wanted to lead Manchester City to a Premier League title? Do you dream of La Liga glory with Sevilla? This game gives you the (virtual) opportunity of a lifetime.

Football Manager 2024 is one of the most anticipated upcoming sports games because creator Miles Jacobson says it will be the last of its kind. What does he mean by this statement? What will Football Manager change for 2025? We already know next year’s edition will include women’s teams. Let’s enjoy Football Manager 2024 when it presumably comes out in November. 

4. Forza Motorsport (2023)

We haven’t had a Forza Motorsport game since 2017, and there’s a void in the hearts of racing fans. Now, we’re finally getting what we want. In early October, gamers will get their first taste of the new game with over 500 vehicles in the game. The cover features a Cadillac V-Series.R and a Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray — one of the most anticipated electric vehicles (EVs) coming onto the market. 

Turn 10 Studios is back to produce the eighth version of this sim racing game. The developer says Forza Motorsport 2023 will include new features like ray tracing and more realistic tire wear. Dynamic time-of-day changes are a neat feature we haven’t seen in other racing games. Some races are long enough to start in daylight and end under the stars, but the video game doesn’t reflect the time elapsed. Now, we’re getting better features.

5. NBA 2k24

A list of the best upcoming sports games would be incomplete without NBA 2k24. The greatest 24 to ever play — Kobe Bryant — graces the cover along with Sabrina Ionescu on an alternate cover. From year to year, 2k games are relatively similar, but NBA 2k24 will have some distinctions from its predecessors. 

For example, 2k will introduce Mamba Moments into this year’s game to honor the cover athlete. In this game mode, you’ll control Kobe Bryant and battle through the legendary moments in his career. Who can forget his early 2000s titles with Shaq, the 81-point game against Toronto and the fourth and fifth championships at the end of the decade? 

Ultimately, it’s still 2k — the game where you take a 6’2” point guard and score 42 points, 15 rebounds and 22 assists per game only to lose the MVP to Trae Young. Creating your MyCareer player and putting the franchise on your back will always be fun. What’s your favorite build? Call me an oldhead — but I like playing with a center and dominating the paint like Hakeem Olajuwon. 

6. Skate

The last of the upcoming sports games we can’t wait for is Skate. The Skate franchise has been quite popular for over 15 years, dating back to the original release in 2007. Playing Skate allows for a realistic video game version of skating — something you don’t often see nowadays unless you play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. 

The next version of Skate is up in the air because we don’t know the release date. EA Sports first announced the game’s development in the summer of 2020. Hopefully, it comes out soon because we haven’t had a new Skate game since 2010. Skate is an excellent game because it’s user-friendly for beginners and seasoned veterans. Plus, the online community makes lifetime friends.

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Anticipating the Upcoming Sports Games

Sports video games have become more realistic over the years, allowing regular Joes like us to immerse ourselves in the professional leagues. We’ll never be able to stop Erling Haaland, Jayson Tatum or Luka Dončić from scoring — but it’s fun to pretend in the games. 

What upcoming sports games are you looking forward to? These six made our list, but there’s also Undisputed, Madden 24 and much more.  

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