22 Things Every Man Should Own


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Men must be prepared for every situation that might arise, which means they often have to own and carry around a bunch of miscellaneous things. Those necessary “things” have changed a lot over the years and encompass three important pillars of manliness: style, function and survival. In honor of 2022, here are 22 things every man should own.


Some men have trouble figuring out their wardrobes, and we’re here to help. Get these seven clothing accessories, and you will feel more confident in your fashion sense than ever.

1. Suit That Fits

Stop playing the guessing game with store-bought suits. Find a tailor who can hook you up with a suit that fits your body to perfection. A form-fitting suit shows a heightened sense of style and attention to detail.

2. Decent Watch

Watches are status symbols, for better or worse. Wearing a decent watch demonstrates class, professionalism and competence. It will catch the attention of every person you encounter.

3. All-Purpose Tie

Sometimes, you just don’t know which tie to wear. Find a tie with a simple design that you can rock at all formal events. Some people might catch on, but who cares as long as you look good? Men wear the same clothes all the time.

4. Hoodies. Lots of Them.

The hoodie is a versatile and comfortable clothing article. Start a collection with various colors, designs and thicknesses, so you have one for every occasion. You can have a “relaxing on the couch on a Sunday afternoon” hoodie and a “stand around a fire with friends” hoodie. The possibilities are endless.

5. Durable Pair of Jeans

You can tell a lot about a man by his choice of jeans.  Ditch the skinny hole-riddled ones from your younger days and upgrade to a pair of durable jeans with an athletic fit. You can wear them out to dinner, to a friend’s house or simply for a long day’s work. 

6. Comfortable Bathrobe

If you’re a fan of the hit HBO series The Sopranos, you know that a man in a bathrobe the morning after a long night is the epitome of comfort and sophistication. Get yourself a soft bathrobe and adopt Tony Soprano’s morning look.

7. High-Quality Socks

A respectable man takes good care of his feet. Invest in some high-quality socks made from cotton, wool and polyester. These durable fabrics will keep your feet warm and dry. Drop as much money on them as you need to.


While style is important, a man must also possess the tools to tackle everyday tasks. Here are seven more objects that will help you get through the day unscathed.

8. Headphones

Every man should own a set of headphones. They can save you from an awkward situation, drown out background noise and help you focus. It doesn’t matter what kind you choose. Headsets, earbuds and AirPods will all do the job.

9. Handkerchief

You never know when a sneezing fit is going to strike. A handkerchief could save you from nasal disaster and horrible embarrassment. It also allows you to use your personal cleaning device instead of relying on flimsy napkins and paper towels.

10. Breath Freshener

Breath matters more than we realize in our social lives. You might not smell it, but other people can. Bad breath shows a lack of awareness and basic self-care habits. Carry a pack of mints or chewing gum, and you’ll never have to worry about bad breath again.

11. Bottle Opener

Here’s a scenario. You go to a party. A girl goes to crack open the first bottle, but she realizes she doesn’t have a bottle opener. You come to the rescue, save the party and get the girl. That sounds pretty awesome, right? It will probably never happen, but at least you’ll get to help your friends open their beer bottles when you hang out in each other’s basements.

12. Notebook

Think of all the great men in history who recorded their thoughts in diaries and journals. You can develop the same habit by keeping a notebook with you. Whenever the urge strikes, you can sit down and put your thoughts into words.

13. Book

Reading stimulates the imagination and helps you gather knowledge. You should always have a book to read, no matter the subject. This hobby also has social benefits. It makes you more well-spoken, and friends and acquaintances will respect you for taking up a studious hobby, even if they don’t read themselves.

14. Sunglasses

Nobody likes driving on a sunny day without sunglasses. Keep a pair of dark sunglasses in your car at all times, and you’ll never face that problem again. They also allow you to stare at people in public without shame (don’t deny it, we’ve all done it before). 


Last but certainly not least, we have survival. 2022 has already shown us how quickly things can turn sour. These tools will prove vital to protecting yourself and your loved ones. 

15. Pocket Knife

The pocket knife is a versatile tool. You can cut, stab, carve and whittle with it. You can even start a fire with a pocket knife if you know what you’re doing. It’s an easily concealable self-defense weapon in a pinch, and a man simply feels more secure with one at his waist.

16. Lighter

A lighter can make the difference between life and death. This simple tool gives you a reliable source of fire, light and heat: three absolute essentials in most survival situations. You can get a cheap one at your local station or purchase a more durable refillable lighter.

17. Flint

Flint is an old-fashioned tool with one advantage over a lighter: it never runs out of fuel. Buy a flint stone with your pocket knife, and you will have a reliable fire-starting setup for years to come. However, it might take some time for you to master the technique. Patience is a manly virtue!

18. Multitool

Multitools have all kinds of capabilities to solve everyday problems. They can grab, cut, saw and twist. The most expensive multitools also serve as effective self-defense weapons. There’s really no excuse not to get one. They come in handy in all kinds of tricky situations.

19. Flashlight

Flashlights light up a room and brighten everyone’s day, both literally and figuratively. You should keep one in your house, in your car and your pocket. Most cellphones conveniently have one, but you should keep another device just in case.

20. First Aid Kit

Every man should own a first aid kit to protect himself, his loved ones and any person he meets who needs medical assistance. However, getting the first aid kit is the easy part. You must also learn basic treatment procedures for cuts, bruises and breaks. 

21. Emergency Food Supply

Have you seen the economy lately? You can’t rely on other people to bring you food neatly packed on grocery store shelves. Stock up on non-perishable foods and canned goods. Keep them in a cool, dry area. It’s not fun to think about, but you need to prepare for the worst.

22. Weapon

A man must protect himself and his loved ones, but pocket knives and multitools won’t always cut it. You need something with stopping power that can neutralize the threat in seconds. You know what we’re talking about.

Own Your Destiny in 2022

These 22 things that every man should own will help you look good and feel prepared for all obstacles. If you want to feel confident in everything you do, you will add these items to your shopping list and buy them as soon as possible

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