5 Things You Can Do With a Google Home Mini — and 2 You Can’t

Google home Mini

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is one of the biggest businesses in the game. As it has expanded into home
assistants, you can have the entire search engine right in your home. However,
Google Home devices can go beyond searching and do so much more.

you have a Google Home or not, it may surprise you to learn of its
capabilities. From planning your day to telling you some good news, it has
endless possibilities. However, there are still some things the devices can’t
do that will most likely eventually make their way into the platform.

5 Things Google Home Mini Can Do

there are some things Google developers are working on, there are many more
things the device can do. Here are five things you can do with your Google

1. Plan Your Day

you like to stay organized throughout the day, your Google Home can help. It
can coordinate your errands, jobs, school or commitments with traffic, weather
and your calendar. It can also adjust to your
even include flight details.

if you use your device for to-dos, you can include those, too. Things like
grocery lists, reminders, tasks and sending information have never been easier.
Planning your day is now digital and easily accessible. 

2. Play Media

all the controls in one place can be a small convenience. With a Google Home,
you can do just that. From your device, you can play music, podcasts, the radio
and more. 

It can also act as your TV control. If you want to change the volume, find a certain channel or use the apps on a smart TV, Google Home can help with it all. You can use the device to turn it off and on. 

3. Switch to Night Mode

night, things get quieter and lights go off. Your Google Home hub can do the
same. As it goes into night mode, it will lower its volume and dim its

won’t have to worry about remembering to do this either, as you can schedule it
to enter night mode at a specific time. The device can also detect a darkening
room and adjust accordingly. However, you can change it manually, too, so no
matter the time of day, you can have a nice, quiet moment. 

4. Send Messages

your hands are busy with something like unpacking groceries or folding laundry
and you can’t always attend to your messages. Google Home can help with that.
It can read them to you, and you can reply right then and there.

just your voice, you can respond
to your messages
or compose new ones. Messaging has never been so hands-free. Now you
can multitask without picking up your phone.

5. Tell You Some Good News

days are inevitable. They bring you down, and it can be hard to think about
anything else. However, your Google Home can offer some help when you ask it to
tell you some good news.

device will talk about some good things that have happened in the world today and
will hopefully boost your spirits. It’s always a nice reminder to know there’s
good happening alongside the bad. Don’t forget, you can also ask it to tell you
a joke or a story.

2 Things Google Home Mini Can’t Do

all of its abilities and helpfulness, Google Home still has some things it can
improve on.

1. Track Packages

Google Home device does not possess the ability to track your package. People
love to see the status of their purchases and, while it may not seem like
something Google should integrate, Amazon’s Alexa already does.

Alexa can track Amazon packages, Google is no doubt working on an integration
for the same. Alexa is one of Google Home’s biggest competitions, so Google
will want to keep up on every level.

2. Integrate Apple Music or Amazon Music

Google Home hub can integrate many music platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music
and Google Play Music. However, it still does not offer integrations for Apple
Music or Amazon Music

Music makes sense because Alexa does not integrate Google Play Music. However,
Alexa does allow for Apple Music usage. Now, Google Home is working on
incorporating Apple Music
into its platform to keep up with the competition. 

Google Home Mini Can Simplify Your Life

Google Home Mini does a great job of making your daily routine so much easier.
In the future, it’s likely to add even more innovations that will improve how
you get things done.